Harry and Meghan – the ‘out of touch’ royals

Laren Tayyip May 22, 2020
Harry and Meghan – the ‘out of touch’ royals

Harry and Meghan celebrated their second wedding anniversary in a Beverly Hills mansion owned by billionaire Tyler Perry. They couldn’t be more distant from the everyday struggles the majority of the world faces, writes Laren Tayyip.

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To the surprise of many fans, the Royal Family failed to publicly wish the couple a happy anniversary this year. Does that reveal their official departure has left a sour taste behind in the UK?

The tabloids enjoyed splashing the couple’s anniversary residence across the front pages. This was quite some juxtaposition with the hundreds of Englishmen and women who lost their lives to coronavirus that day.

Harry and Meghan have made a few wrong moves during the coronavirus crisis, in my opinion, leading to criticism they are “out of touch” with the real world.

La La Land

The LA bubble they live in, aka La La Land, is clearly a different place from the rest of the world as the couple embark on a new fairy-tale chapter.

One news item that left many people confused and angry was the announcement of their new charitable foundation, Archewell. Although the couple meant no harm and the date of the foundation’s launch has yet to be announced, the timing was strange.

The announcement of Archewell has been branded a selfish move in contrast to the thousands currently unable to say farewell to their loved ones. Although the couple stepped down as senior royals in an attempt to enjoy a more peaceful life, they seem, whether they like it or not, to have become Hollywood celebrities. 

Have Harry and Meghan turned into Hollywood celebrities? Image: Wikipedia Commons

Meanwhile, celebrities such as singer Beyonce and Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey have donated £4.5 million to the coronavirus relief effort between them. Angelina Jolie has donated almost £1 million to help feed children during the crisis. Others including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber have all shown support.

Harry must be praised, however, for the heart-felt message he shared on Twitter regarding cancellation of the Invictus games. He acknowledged the disappointment and thanked everyone for trying to find an alternative and safer way for the games to proceed. He went on to say: “Please look after yourselves and please look after your families. Please look out for one another.”

William and Kate have been speaking to front-line workers via Zoom. Image Static/Flickr

William and Kate, meanwhile, have been speaking to front-line health workers via Zoom. Prince William also opened the new Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham via video in April.

The pair have adjusted to lock-down life in Kensington Palace with their three children. Their routine includes home-schooling, exercise, fun activities such as cooking, clapping for carers and worrying about loved ones.

The coronavirus crisis has brought out the best and the worst of the rich and the famous. As the pandemic continues to take hold over the world, this is the time to unite and support one another.

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