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Global co-operation is needed in a self-centred attention seeking world

Luis Santos April 8, 2020
Global co-operation is needed in a self-centred attention seeking world

“The world is on fire,” James Douglas Morrison spills out on one of his ‘crazed’ poems.

Delving into social media right now might spark a fire as well, independent of even the best intentions.

Drunk on their words, one could say new interpretations of freedom of speech might be needed from our best scholars – we’ve created it, now deal with it – oh Warhol and your “fifteen minutes of fame”, you couldn’t keep your mouth shut for a moment, could you?

Talk about hitting the fan…

Everyone is a channel these days, outspoken as they go, pitch perfect and image-driven. How To Best Coach Yourself, says a coach and speaker. But a healer, too, and a yoga teacher and part-time expert on business counselling – that’s some portfolio.

Whether economics or politics, it’s amazing how we’ve suddenly stopped using the expression “gone viral”.

It took a real virus for us to do it as no-one in their right mind gags about death, do they? But this brings me to that functional trait in the genetic composition (I say with no scientific expertise) of the human being – the crash and burn phenomenon.

A new era

Historically and statistically, scholars will tell you no revolution has ever occurred without economic pain.

Similarly, every uprising has been preceded by the crash and burn phenomenon. Judging by the overall content on the subject (not all negative, positivity blooms occasionally) created by social media ‘experts’ – who turned that into a profession? – we’re heading for crash and burn once more.

At a time when the world is focused on one thing alone, and there may never be another moment like this, people are looking for hope and union.

War and profiteers have for centuries depleted and squeezed blood and brains to the last. At a time when no-one believes they are able or have the will to return to a self-sustainable society, will we ever see full co-operation across the global spectrum?

Global co-operation

The time of flags may be over as we collectively lose our traditions. What we eat and how we work, what we wear, how we consume, all using that weapon called money – carelessly and without awareness.

Abetting the crime.

We’re all in it – and we know it

Social reform and ideologies go by and, as the feudal gave place to the bourgeois centuries ago, so we should replace society’s ugly, nasty ways with something better for the future.

In reality, it has always been up to us, and I’m as guilty as the next man. It’s time to bow with humility in our heart.

In 50 years’ time we’ll probably say: “Remember that global virus?” How we’ll be living then is up to everyone’s actions, luck and fate but, without true global action, no-one can survive on their own in the social systems we have created.

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Luis has been collaborating as a content writer since 2017 with main focus on Politics and Economy, and is a self published fiction writer. A Sporting Lisbon fan, Old Trafford has played an important place in his heart over the years, as he believes a Man United line-up starring Giggs and Figo is still possible.