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Is Full Send banned in schools? Rumours about NELK clothing line explained

Samantha McGarry October 2, 2020
full send banned

Is Full Send banned in schools? Students have been contacting YouTube influencers NELK to say they’ve been banned from wearing their Full Send clothing and logo. But what does Full Send mean and why is it controversial?

Full Send meaning explained

In 2010, a group of friends calling themselves NELK Boys began posting content on YouTube revolving around two things – pranking and partying. The group styled the videos around a particular (stereo!)type of college culture. 

The edgy humour and unbridled revelry has gained them a mainly teenage/early 20s audience of 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube. Full Send refers to “partying and living life without thinking about the consequences”. 

The group is said to chant the phrase during drinking bouts. Some of the most popular videos include tricking a Bigfoot expert and gaining control of the speakers in a Best Buy store to broadcast silly sounds. 

The controversy

However, some of the brand’s humour has fallen on the unfunny side of things and courted controversy, including jokes about under-age drinking and mocking drink-driving by using fake beer. 

Pushing boundaries has got them into trouble, including in 2015 when they posted a video entitled Coke Prank On Cops in which they told officers they had “coke” in their car, which turned out to be Coca-Cola.

While it raised laughs among followers and officers took it in their stride, CBS reported the group had been warned over the incident. The LAPD released a statement highlighting the illegality and potential consequences of making false statements.

Separately, member Jesse Sebastiani was reported as convicted of disorderly conduct last year for a prank in which he walked into a book store smeared in fake blood while asking for books on “covering up a crime scene”.

More recently, the group fell foul of covid-19 restrictions after New Jersey police broke up a gathering of 1,500 people at a house rented by NELK. This may have been a case of putting beer before brains, given in April the group participated in a virtual beer pong tournament to raise money to mitigate the pandemic.

Even so, it’s not surprising the culture and controversy NELK Boys is steeped in would be deemed school-unfriendly.

Who created Full Send?

NELK’s prank-centred YouTube channel was created in 2010 by Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani and Steve Deleonardis. The videos often feature Salim The Dream and Cousin Jay too. Sebastiani’s father, Pat, also makes appearances. 

Jesse Sebastiani was perhaps the best known of the founding trio before NELK, having appeared on MTV show Careless Teens. He also self-published a documentary, Saved By The Status.

Is Full Send banned in schools?

Image via Reddit

On Thursday, NELK posted messages on its Snapchat account seemingly sent by followers who said they’d been banned from wearing clothes at school bearing the Full Send logo.

At this stage it’s unclear which schools – if any – have introduced the ban. One student, who said they attended a public school, hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit and reported that although students had been allowed to wear the logo previously, “for some reason Full Send is not allowed” any more. 

The reaction has been mixed, with one Reddit user commenting: “Makes sense to me. Kids/teenagers shouldn’t be promoting drinking at a early age.” 

Some have argued a supportive and open discussion about the reasons for this might be equally important.

Having said that, no schools have been identified as imposing this ban. Since we’re talking about a group that defines itself by pranks and controversy, we’ll have to wait to find out whether this is just another publicity stunt. 

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