Cardi B with no make-up? You better believe it! The WAP star’s bare face and natural hair shine bright as ever.

Rapper Cardi B has had a tough time of it recently – announcing her separation from Offset, then becoming embroiled in a social media feud after an ill-timed post about Armenia, which she quickly regretted.

Cardi’s fans have been keen to bring back the conversation to the artist’s unique style. Top of the list is Cardi B with no make-up. She’s been rocking the make-up-free, natural hair look for years, and fans are eager to revisit some of their favourite au-naturel appearances.

Cardi has seriously radiant skin

One of the things they’re most in awe of is Cardi’s complexion. Cardi’s make-up-free selfies always hit the right notes, with fans envying her skin.

Her make-up tutorial is also a fans’ favourite and shows her as comfortable without make-up as with.

As one admirer said: “She’s so pretty without any make-up.”

Cardi B with no make-up becomes relatable

What many of her fans love is the relatability it gives her. Sometimes it’s too much effort to fret about foundation, liner and the rest of it. In the age of minimalism, Cardi B leads the way sans hassle.

As Starpeers highlighted, often those make-up-free moments is when she’s most relatable for fans – whether with family or exercising. 

Sometimes she spruces up her look by wearing wild wigs and, of course, those long bling nails. Cardi seems to be a firm believer that expressing yourself doesn’t always require copious amounts of make-up.

What fans love about her approach is she shows – no, insists – we can be beautiful without all that make-up.

The make-up-free shots are sometimes mocked by people keen to prove the most flamboyant are human too. But perhaps that’s the point?

Sometimes a hair-down, chemical-free, healthy natural look is a good go-to when we’ve all got a lot more to think about than eyeliner.

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