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Will Candace Owens run for president in 2024?

Iram Sharifah Khan November 5, 2020
candace owens president 2024
Photo by Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Will Candace Owens run for president in 2024? The presidential election isn’t even done yet but people are already searching for the next POTUS. Trump-endorsed Candace Owens seems to be a likely candidate in the next presidential run.

Who is Candace Owens?

Born in 1989 in Connecticut, Candace Owens has three siblings.

She started her political career on YouTube. Owens worked her way up, without a university education, as a far-right, conservative political activist.

She is openly pro-Trump and shares many of the same beliefs on matters such as climate change.

Owens is married to George Farmer who, according to The Times, is a “Brexit-championing hedge funder and son of a Tory peer”. They tied the knot in August 2019.

Candace Owens’ age revealed

Candace Owens was born on 29 April 1989, making her 31 years of age. This is important as, if Owens wanted to run for president in 2024, there are three basic requirements established in the US constitution:

• A natural-born citizen

• At least 35 years old

• A US resident for at least 14 years

In 2024 she will have just made the cut, as she turns 35 in April of that year. This is if she puts herself forward for the role of POTUS.

This video below explains the full process:

Why do people think Candace Owens will run for president in 2024?

People feel Candace Owens might run for president in 2024 as they believe she is forward-thinking.

Her being on good terms with incumbent president Trump might have also helped her in public opinion. Some people online have already expressed their support for her, should she choose to run in the next presidential election.

Who would support her?

Owens already has the support of some big names. President Trump seems keen on her and, according to NBC News, he called in to TV programme Fox & Friends” to say Owens was the “hottest thing out there right now.”

Trump followed a 20-minute face-to-face meeting with Owens at the White House with a tweet about the “big impact” she was having on US politics.

Not only does Owens have the support of Trump, but Kanye West (who at one point put himself forward as a presidential candidate) has also supported her views.

Although it’s hard to speculate if they would be in full support of her as a president, they definitely support her as a leader.

People on social media are already calling for Candace Owens as president in 2024:

The next election date is set for 5 November 5th 2024. Here is a list of politicians who could be vying for the job and will be campaigning soon enough.

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