Are Koala Puffs and Macdizzle not friends anymore? What is the drama between the ex-friends? Many social media influencers are known for their fashion tips and high-quality selfies. Koala Puffs and Macdizzle, however, chose a different path for content creation and success: weed.

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Who are Koala Puffs and Macdizzle?

Koala Puffs and Macdizzle are known as cannabis influencers online. They share photos and videos showing off their cannabis paraphernalia, weed-themed merch, and all kinds of associated memes.

Koala Puffs and Macdizzle have found most of their success on Instagram. The pair have their own separate Instagram accounts, and a joint account called @dizzle.puffs.

Across all three Instagram accounts, the pair have more than 1 million followers in total.

After being a couple for a while, Macdizzle proposed to Koala Puffs in October 2018. Of course, the chosen engagement ring was well suited to the pair.

However, recent drama has thrown a spanner into the works.

What happened with Koala Puffs and Macdizzle?

In September, a variety of tweets – many of them quite abstract – were posted from Koala Puffs and Macdizzle’s Twitter accounts.

First, we had a thread from Koala Puffs posted on 24th September.

This thread focuses on sexual assault allegations claiming that Koala Puffs was allegedly assaulting others.


In the thread, she says: “My heart is utterly broken to hear these false allegations against me.”

On the other side, we have Macdizzle’s tweets.

This was tweeted three days after the original Koala Puffs thread, and although vague, the replies seem to suggest it was tweeted in response to Koala Puffs.

Fans of the weed-loving duo are conflicted about the situation.

Are Koala Puffs and Macdizzle not friends anymore?

The drama unfolding on Twitter and Instagram seems to suggest that Koala Puffs and Macdizzle are not friends anymore.

The last Instagram post featuring the pair is from 28th May.

The drama seems to have spread as well, with Twitter users pointing out that friends of theirs previously featuring in videos don’t appear to follow Koala Puffs anymore.

Time will tell if the drama will resolve itself, and if Koala Puffs and Macdizzle will be friends again one day.

Lexi June Koala drama

Recently, Koala Puffs has also been at the centre of online allegations of sexual misconduct against another cannabis influencer, Lexi June. These revolve around June’s claims that Koala behaved inappropriately towards her in the past, while they were participating in an event together.

Koala has just released a two-part video on her Instagram, addressing these accusations and more, in hopes of clearing the air and putting her side of the drama out there.

Part 1
Part 2
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