A confession: I have too many unfinished lockdown projects

Sophie King May 20, 2020
A confession: I have too many unfinished lockdown projects

I must confess something. At the start of lockdown and after being furloughed, I told myself I would start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Since being furloughed I have so far ordered a football to practice ‘keepy uppies’, wool for knitting scarves, sheet music for the piano, started a jigsaw puzzle and have another on its way and have attempted a few times to learn how to do a handstand again.

Almost eight weeks in and not one ball has been kept up, not one scarf knitted, just one song has been learnt, only one puzzle completed and no acceptable handstand has been held. 

It’s not that I have felt pressure to keep busy during lockdown, I know for my own mental health it’s good to do at least one thing a day. However, this is all subjective. It’s also perfectly fine to not do anything – you do you. There should also be absolutely no pressure for anyone to “stay busy” during lockdown.

Just don’t do what I’ve done. Eight yarns of wool stare at me each time I pass them, judging me for not having knitted them into a scarf, and the poor football is already prisoner to our shed at the end of the garden.

A ball is meant to be kicked, wool is meant to be knitted, a piano should be played, a jigsaw completed and a handstand held. So, if you can start a new project, then unlike me, please try and finish it. 

After all, if Shakespeare can write King Lear during lockdown and Newton can discover gravity while both in quarantine, then what could you do? 

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Writer for financial services magazine Professional Adviser, currently on a two-month furlough