10 Instagram accounts for troubling times

Camille Nedelec May 9, 2020
10 Instagram accounts for troubling times

At the best of times, Instagram can be a depressing place of posturing and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

But there is a small corner of Insta that is wholesome, nourishing and just the ticket for stressful times.  

We’ve handpicked ten accounts to help you during lock-down.

Jennifer Ehle to give you nostalgia  

Jennifer Ehle is the original, eternal Eliza Bennett who starred in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – the one that saw Colin Firth emerge manfully from the lake as the nation collectively swooned.

In lock-down, she’s been posting videos of herself reading Pride and Prejudice on her stories, and if you want to go back and watch from the beginning, she’s uploaded the entire playlist to her YouTube channel. 

‘theself_carekit’ to lift the spirits 

These upbeat cartoon drawings are full of tips and tricks on how to better manage your mental health.

This is especially important for people who’ve been isolated from their usual support systems during lock-down.

Don’t expect your mental health to bounce back straight away, but some of the self-care techniques championed on this account could help.  

‘todrick’ to make you laugh 

A singer, dancer, and producer, Hall is a creative powerhouse who hasn’t stopped creating funny, relevant content since the start of the pandemic.

And he’s already dropped a coronavirus-themed album in which the refrain ‘F**k the rent!’ could well become a millennial anthem.

Follow him for drag-queen themed facemasks, bright colours and high energy.  God knows we need it.

‘the.holistic.psychologist’ goes deeper

If you’re looking to better manage your mental health and pick apart unhelpful behaviour patterns, this Instagrammer goes in deeper than the Self Care Kit without requiring a psychology degree to reap the rewards.

‘the.love.therapist’ to save your relationship 

It was reported that at the end of China’s lock-down, there was a spike in divorces.

We don’t know yet if we’ll have a similar spike in Europe, but living together in unnaturally close quarters will test the nerves of the best of us.

The Love Therapist can help you repair the damage and get back on track.  

Lock-down literature to expand your mind 

Lou is a magazine journalist who, during the lock-down, set up a virtual book club – ‘lousbookclub’.

It’s early days yet but the account is visually pleasing, positive and a chance to connect with others over a love of literature.  

‘Savespendinvest’ to expand your bank account 

Learning about personal finance is always a good idea, but now it’s more urgent than ever.

The problem is, it’s often boring and difficult to digest. Luckily for us, this Instagram account breaks it down into the core principles you need to make better financial choices for a stable future.

This is a UK-centric account, which is great as a lot of the financial advice on social media is usually tailored for US audiences.  

‘Omakasetazzi’ for an escape 

If you can’t be in nature, then let your scrolling time take you instead.

These stunning pictures of Japanese temples, gardens and forests aren’t just immaculately composed and beautiful, they also radiate calm.

Don’t look at these images as a bit of frustratingly tantalising travel inspo, but as the pieces of art that they are.  

‘betweentwobooks’ for topical recommendations 

The theme of this book Instagram account this week is resistance. If you’re low on recommendations and you’ve gone through most of your shelf, this account will get you inspired about your next book choice!

Jon Kahler’s baby steps to sustainability 

Jon (‘jon.kahler’) is a micro influencer who focuses on simple, easy steps to become more sustainable.

A quiet voice of positivity during the pandemic, his account is full of sensible, achievable advice.  

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