Does Ja Morant have a wife? Who is the NBA star dating now?

kayleighbarker June 2, 2021
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Does Ja Morant have a wife? Is the NBA star married or dating anyone? A recent string of headlines involving Morant have piqued readers’ interest in his personal and dating life, including questions about his family. Here’s what you need to know.

Picked by the NBA at just 19, Ja Morant is an up-and-coming Memphis Grizzlies basketball star. After just two years on the team, he has already broken a scoring record. But with such high achievements, fans are now wondering whether he has a special someone waiting for him on the sideline. 

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Does Ja Morant have a wife? Is he married or single?

This might be disappointing news to fans looking to find out the identity of Ja Morant’s wife, but currently there is no evidence to show Morant is in a relationship. 

However, last November it became apparent that Morant and his girlfriend, KK Dixon, broke things off after fans noticed they had unfollowed one another on Instagram. 

Who is ex-girlfriend KK Dixon?

Little is known about KK Dixon’s life but we do know she’s from Arkansas, United States, graduated from Fisk University in Nashville in the class of 2021 and has a love of basketball like her ex, Morant. 

But when it comes to the former couple’s relationship it is unclear when Morant and Dixon got together. The first social media post that featured the two of them appeared in 2018, which suggests this may have been around the time they first got together. 

Ja Morant and KK Dixon welcomed daughter Kaari in August 2019

While Ja Morant and KK Dixon were together, they welcomed a baby daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, born on 7 August 2019.

During the birth, Morant’s then-girlfriend, Dixon, experienced severe complications almost resulting in her death. At just 31 weeks pregnant, Dixon had to deliver Kaari due to a diagnosis of preeclampsia – a life-threatening condition defined by having high blood pressure during pregnancy and after labour.

This caused Dixon to suffer convulsive seizures leading her to undergo emergency surgery. However, now almost two years old, Kaari and Dixon are both doing fine. Kaari is often seen photographed by her parents on social media.

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What is Ja Morant’s ex-girlfriend doing now?

With such a private lifestyle Dixon reveals very little but what is clear from her online presence is she’s an avid campaigner for preeclampsia awareness. 

Just last year, in honour of their daughter’s first birthday, Dixon and Morant served as National Promise Walk co-chairs for the Preeclampsia Foundation. They explained their own traumatic experience in a bid to educate other women who may face the same problem. With the help of the Preeclampsia Foundation, Dixon launched a campaign entitled I Wish I Knew.

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