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That's not Young Dolph's grave in Blac Youngsta's I'm Assuming vid

Yasmine Leung December 21, 2021
Blac Youngsta "Church On Sunday" Album Listening Event

Blac Youngsta just dropped the music video for I’m Assuming, causing some fans to speculate whether Young Dolph’s grave appears in the background. Let’s debunk the rumours.

The track comes soon after rapper Blac Youngsta faced backlash for performing a Young Dolph diss track in Dallas on Friday (17 December 2021).

Blac Youngsta, real name Sammie Marquez Benson, released new track I’m Assuming on Monday (20 December), accompanied by a music video filmed in a cemetery.

A tombstone in the background reads ‘Thornton’, causing speculation from some fans that it’s a reference to recently passed rapper Young Dolph – or his actual headstone.

Youngsta only just faced backlash for his performance of his 2016 Young Dolph diss track in a Dallas nightclub, which he responded to on Instagram.

So, what do people have to say about the music video. Is it coincidence or another diss?

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Death: Rescheduled | Official Trailer | Webtoon

Death: Rescheduled | Official Trailer | Webtoon

Blac Youngsta’s Dallas performance lands him in hot water

On Friday night (17 December), Benson performed Shake Sum, a diss track directed at the late Memphis rapper.

The lyrics read:

“Young Dolph Thornton, wanna play ho
How the f*** you the king of Memphis, you ain’t from the city, you from Chicago
Dolph you ain’t put in no work
I’m the king of South Memphis”

Neither the crowd nor social media responded well to the choice of track, with some fans labelling it unnecessary.

The 31-year-old responded to the backlash on Instagram, click here to read what he had to say and to watch the video.

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No, that’s not Young Dolph’s grave in I’m Assuming

Filmed in a cemetery, the video for I’m Assuming is receiving mixed reviews.

Some are criticising the rapper for “pushing bad energy” and “playing with the devil” for dropping the song.

However, others are praising the song and defending the fact Youngsta also “lost his brothers to the streets”.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed Youngsta raps near a tombstone labelled ‘Thornton’, which is Young Dolph’s surname – Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.

However, that isn’t the real grave. The other side of the crypt reads ‘Kennedy’, which obviously has no connection to Thornton’s name.

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

What was the beef between Blac Youngsta, Yo Gotti and Young Dolph?

Rapper Yo Gotti and Young Dolph were in a feud after the latter released his debut album King Of Memphis – a title the former reportedly used to refer to himself.

Youngsta enters the equation when he signed to Gotti’s label Collective Music Group (CMG) in 2015.

A year later, he released Shake Sum to fire back at Dolph’s ‘King of Memphis’ claim.

Clearly, the late rapper was not going to remain silent. He dropped a diss track directed at Gotti in February 2017, entitled Play Wit Yo B****.

That same month, Dolph was the target of a shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina. XXL reports more than 100 rounds were fired at Dolph’s SUV but he wasn’t injured because his vehicle was bulletproof.

According to TMZ, Blac Youngsta turned himself in to authorities following the incident but maintained his innocence and claimed no involvement. In May 2019, all charges against Youngsta were dropped.

Last month, Young Dolph was shot and killed outside a bakery in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 36. This week, Blast reported the investigation into the murder of Young Dolph had stalled with no arrests made concerning the ongoing case.

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