Yella Beezy nudes leak to viral Twitter reaction and PR stunt rumours

Olivia Olphin January 6, 2021
Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for GBK Productions

Nude footage of rapper Yella Beezy was leaked yesterday to the equal shock and delight of some of his fans. We take a closer look at just what happened and how this footage made its way onto social media.

Who is Yella Beezy?

Yella Beezy, also known as Markies Deandre Conway, is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas.

He was born in October 1991 and has over 2 million followers on his Instagram.

Beezy is best known for songs such as That’s On Me and Bacc At It Again, which have 51 million and 25 million streams each on Spotify.

According to CelebrityNetWorth Yella Beezy is reported to be worth about $2 million.

Beezy has one child – a son affectionately called MJ.

Yella Beezy nudes leak explained

On 5 January, a video started circulating around social media featuring an undressed Yella Beezy walking around his house.

The footage was apparently leaked from Beezy’s own home surveillance footage and shows the young rapper with his trousers below his knees, walking around his living room with a gun.

Some have accused Beezy of leaking the footage himself as part of a PR stunt, however this has not been substantiated with evidence.

At present, it’s not clear just how this video leaked to social media and Beezy is yet to comment about the revealing footage.

Twitter reactions

After the leak, Yella Beezy went viral on Twitter as many of his fans shared their reactions to the nude video. Some fans responded with characteristic Twitter wit.

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