Why is Moneybagg Yo singing about Waukesha? Wockesha meaning and lyrics explored

Joana Ndoka April 23, 2021

Rapper Moneybagg Yo just dropped his latest album on April 23th, 2021 and it’s already going viral. His single “Wockesha” has confused fans as to why is the rapper singing about Waukesha, a city in Wisconsin. Here’s what Moneybagg Yo means by “Wockesha” and more lyrics explored!

Why is Moneybagg Yo singing about Waukesha?

Moneybagg Yo latest single “Wockesha” has made fans question why the rapper is featuring a city of Wisconsin in his song.

In fact, the 29-year-old rapper from Tennessee isn’t referring to the city of Waukesha in his song, but fans have misheard his lyrics.

Moneybagg Yo is singing “Wockesha” in his latest album and not “Waukesha” as some have guessed.

Wockesha meaning explained

The rapper song “Wockesha” already has approximately 100,000 views and his album “A Gangsta’s Pain” is taking over the internet just hours after its release.

In one of his songs in the album, Moneybagg Yo sings about “Wockesha,” which refers to a popular drink amongst rappers.

“Wockesha” refers to “lean,” also known as “purple drank,” which is an addictive beverage that combines prescription-grade cough syrup with a soft drink (often soda) and hard candy.

The American rapper Future has opened up about quitting the highly addictive and damaging drink, while it remains a very popular beverage in hip hop culture.

Moneybagg Yo “Wockesha” lyrics explored

The song’s lyrics include references to the drink’s flavour while also relating it to a woman:

“Yeah I kinda put the cup down for a minute but um, but honestly it ain’t nobodies business what’s in my cup. I’m sitting here looking at Kiesha like do you love me, do you love me not? D*mn you hit the spot, taste like candy, sweet like fruit,” Moneybagg Yo sings.

Moneybagg Yo song is dedicated to the “Wockesha” drink from what it looks like, and fans are very into the rhythm.

Twitter has flooded with supportive tweets over Moneybagg’s album and particularly over “Wockesha.”

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