Why doesn’t Musi have a Wrapped function like Spotify?

Bruno Cooke December 1, 2022
Why doesn’t Musi have a Wrapped function like Spotify?
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Spotify has rolled out its annual Wrapped feature, giving subscribers a series of infographics based on their listening habits of 2022, while Musi subscribers have been taking to Twitter to lament their streaming platform’s lack of such a function.

“Me, using Musi, watching everyone talk about their Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replays,” one user tweeted in December 2020, meaning Musi subscribers have been missing out for at least two years.

But are they really missing out? Liz Pelly, writing in The Baffler on, it turns out, the exact same date as the tweet above, alleges the basic premise behind the Spotify Wrapped campaign is “free social media advertising for Spotify.”

That hasn’t stopped the calls for a Musi “Wrapped” equivalent, however.

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Does Musi offer a feature similar to Spotify’s Wrapped readout?

No. At the time of writing (December 1, 2022), Musi doesn’t have a feature equivalent to Spotify Wrapped.

For at least two years, social media users have joked about being upset about the fact. 

One tweeted a meme featuring a shot from SpongeBob SquarePants in which Squidward looks through a barred window at SpongeBob and Patrick Star as they frolic and have fun. The two amigos represent Spotify and Apple Music respectively, while Squidward has a Musi icon above his head.

Regardless, Musi remains a great app with main features including the ability to create infinite playlists and build “the perfect library”; share playlists with friends; “fine-tune” the audio quality with a built-in equalizer; stream content to AirPlay-enabled devices; and control the app while in the car or via a stereo. 

Why doesn’t Musi have a feature like Spotify Wrapped?

Several Twitter users have taken to the platform this week to air their thoughts regarding the possibility of Musi offering a feature equivalent to Spotify Wrapped.

Most echo the same sentiment: “They need a Musi ‘wrapped.’”

One Musi user, however, commenting on the Twitter post of another, posted what they claim is a screenshot of an email they received from Musi customer support in response to a question about the app developers putting together a Wrapped equivalent for its listeners: 

If the above response is true, end-of-year statistics summaries require data to exist so Musi won’t be adding a Wrapped equivalent yet.

Find Musi and Spotify’s respective data collection and privacy statements here and here.

Does Musi have plans to introduce a year-end statistics summary in the future?

Apparently, yes. According to the user mentioned above, Musi replied to their email about the possibility of a “Wrapped” equivalent with some useful feedback.

Not only does the email appear to explain the reason Musi doesn’t currently support such a function in the same way Spotify does, but it also mentions future plans.

The screenshot contains the following: “We are looking into considering an opt-in for this feature in the future.”

GRV Media/The Focus has reached out to Musi to confirm this, and for comment.

Top down image of a mobile phone device displaying a generic music type app. Earphones beside the device. Space for copy.

Spotify versus Musi as streaming services

Spotify and Musi are just two of a large number of music streaming apps. Others include Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Prime Music, Deezer and Tidal.

According to Arcadia Quill staff writer Kira Camacho, using Musi is like “listening to music on YouTube except you don’t have to wait for the Skip Ad button to appear.”

They find Spotify’s layout more visually appealing, however, and find it easier to use. Spotify also makes playlists for its subscribers and, as we are all well aware by now, offers its Wrapped feature, while Musi’s social features are limited to sharing playlist links with friends.

However, Musi is free. For many, this is the advantage that clinches the deal. It’s appealing for its functionality, Camacho concludes, and its freedom from advertising.

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