Who is TeeZandos? Besides a leaked Instagram conversation with Dutchavelli, the 18-year-old rapper from East London has been making waves via Echo Location Talent Agency. So, who is she?

TeeZandos makes what Vice calls ‘demonically good drill’

TeeZandos launched onto the UK “drill” scene in November 2019 with a “Who’s Got Bars” freestyle. The following month, she released her debut single “Need Focus”, aged 17.

Since then, the rapper from Hackney has dropped a run of freestyles and tracks including “Slender”, “Day Of The Dead”, “Highlander” and a freestyle with Link Up TV

During the lockdown, she spent her time “writing bars” – according to an over-the-phone interview with Vice. She also spoke about her association with Satanism.

She’s a Satanist

She said she “found [her] calling” with Satanism, and let herself accept it. “I grew up in a God-fearing house and I always thought ‘why am I following Christianity?’”

TeeZandos is not alone in being a young black woman turning to ancient, pagan religions.

Red Bull describes her music as “dark and uncompromising”, and “ooz[ing] with the contemporary idiosyncrasies that every Snapchat-obsessed teenager in the capital can relate to”.

What is TeeZandos’ link to rapper Dutchavelli?

A recent Reddit post reveals a series of allegedly leaked private Instagram messages between British rapper Dutchavelli and TeeZandos. 

The messages are of an intimate nature and have left Redditors speculating about a potential relationship between the two. Meanwhile, some have flagged up the age difference between them – Dutchavelli is 27 years old.

Dutchavelli, previously known as “Dutch” because he grew up in Rotterdam, is the brother of fellow rapper and songwriter Stefflon Don.

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