Who is late Chucky Trill’s father Darrell, aka D of Trinity Garden Cartel?

Bruno Cooke September 2, 2022
Who is late Chucky Trill’s father Darrell, aka D of Trinity Garden Cartel?

Season 22 episode 19 of The First 48 revisits the death of hip-hop artist Chucky Trill – who is the late rapper’s father, Darrell W Williams Sr?

Williams used to go by D of Trinity Garden Cartel. They were a popular Houston group with Rap-A-Lot Records.

He’s also the cousin of C Note from the Botany Boyz.

His son Chucky Trill, real name Corey Detiege, was a rising rapper from Sugar Land, Texas who lost his life in a predawn highway shooting in March 2021.

Chucky Trill Keisha | YouTube channel Chucky Trill

Who is Chucky Trill’s father Darrell W Williams Sr?

Known professionally as D of Trinity Garden Cartel, Darrell is an American rapper. He hails from Houston, Texas.

The group of which he was a part, Trinity Garden Cartel, derived its name from the Houston neighborhood of Trinity Garden.

They formed in 1992, released four studio albums via their own label Cartel Records, plus a smattering through different avenues, and disbanded just over a decade ago.

The group consisted of D – the late Chucky Trill’s dad – Gangsta Gee and Herb Mann.

Chucky Trill- Hall Of Fame ft Propain (Directed by @Blase_Santana) | YouTube channel Chucky Trill

Chucky Trill: ‘My OG was my daddy’

“I would really do whatever he wanted to do,” Trill says during a Donnie Houston TV interview segment posted to the late rapper’s Instagram page on June 28 this year. Chucky grew up on the north side of Houston, Texas.

“I ain’t never want to be like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James. I wanted to be like my daddy” – Darrell.

“Whatever he did, that’s what I wanted to do. Whether that was rap, sell d**e, be the biggest d**g dealer. My daddy was a millionaire. Still is.”

“That’s who I watched. That’s who I idolized. I ain’t had to idolize a dude on TV, or a fictional character. My OG was my daddy.”

Northern end of Downtown Houston as seen from the juncture of White Oak and Buffalo Bayous.

Why was Trinity Garden Cartel’s 1994 album Don’t Blame It On Da Music so controversial?

Complex asked in 2013 why so many early 1990s rappers thought it was acceptable to “put dead people” on their album covers.

“Why did that seem cool? We don’t know.”

Trinity Garden Cartel apparently had to edit and rerelease the album cover for their second studio album Don’t Blame It On Da Music a short time after it first came out, Complex writes. 

As of 2009, Chucky Trill’s father Darrell “D” Williams was in prison serving a 25-year prison sentence, per Last FM. But his page on Hiphop Music Fandom adds that he was released in 2016.

I Came By | Official Trailer | Netflix

I Came By | Official Trailer | Netflix

Chucky Trill on following in his father’s footsteps

During the Donnie Houston podcast interview mentioned above, Chucky talks about growing up watching his father and wanting to follow in his footsteps. Watch the whole video via YouTube here.

Chucky, born Corey Detiege, grew up on the north side of Houston until he was 13, then moved to the south side. His father, he said, “had a federal case,” so he moved with his mother to a different part of the city.

“He got locked up when I was 13,” after which Chucky had to figure out life as a teenager without a father figure. Many of his friends, he adds, were in a similar situation. 

“Everybody that I was hanging with pretty much was going through the same thing I was going through. … Single moms. Daddy gone. Daddy in jail. … We’re trying to figure out life.”

Chucky died in March last year. The new episode of the true-crime series The First 48 aired Thursday, September 1, 2022, at 8 PM EST, on A&E Network.

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