Lorde has just dropped her hotly anticipated third album Solar Power and fans are going crazy for the sun-drenched, beachy-vibe of the new tracks. However, many are now looking for some equally chilled-out merch to buy in bright summer tones. We let you know how you can get your hands on some Solar Power merch.

Lorde drops her third studio album

Solar Power was released earlier today, much to the delight of Lorde fans. The album contains 12 songs in total, including hits such as Solar Power, Stoned At The Nail Salon and recent single Mood Ring.

You can also get more Lorde content than ever before as she just released her enhanced album accompaniment to Solar Power. This includes more behind the scenes audio and video content which explores:

“Her own deeply magical adventures in nature, most of which took place in New Zealand – all of which directly inspired ‘Solar Power’.”

Where to buy Lorde’s Solar Power merch

You can get your hands on Solar Power merch at Lorde’s online store here.

Lorde has just dropped 14 new t-shirt designs, two hoodies, two caps, a tote bag, and three different water bottle designs. You can also buy a Stoned At The Nail Salon lighter and ashtray.

The hoodies retail for around $60-$80, and the water bottles cost $42. Lorde has said that these prices are slightly higher than normal for her merch because she partnered with an environmentally responsible supplier and has used 100% recycled cotton.

You can also buy Solar Power vinyl for $36 and the music box for $22, which contains bonus tracks and exclusive content.

Some fans are preparing themselves to spend a lot of money on the new Solar Power merch.

Fan’s react to new Lorde album

Lorde fans have been waiting patiently for over four years for new music from their favourite New Zealand singer. However, the wait is now over and they can finally listen to Solar Power on repeat for the foreseeable future.

People have taken to social media to share their love for the new album, as well as addressing the fact that it has had some negative reviews.

We can’t wait to see Lorde on tour soon.

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