When does Spotify Wrapped stop counting your 2021 listens?

Cara Houlton November 17, 2021
When does Spotify Wrapped stop counting your 2021 listens?
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Spotify Wrapped will soon return for its annual appearance to share with users their most loved artists, albums and songs of 2021. Whilst Spotify users can see if they are one of the top listeners to certain artists and songs, many are hoping tracking ends before Christmas hits dominate their Spotify streams.

We’ve taken a look at when Spotify Wrapped will stop its 2021 stream count, when it will be released and what features we can expect.

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When does Spotify Wrapped stop counting streams?

Spotify tracks users streams between 1 January and 31 October each year meaning any songs that you’ve listened to this month won’t count toward Spotify Wrapped.

However, on the plus side, your most loved Christmas songs won’t interfere with your personalised Spotify statistics for 2021 or 2022.

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When will Spotify Wrapped be released for 2021?

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long for Spotify Wrapped as if it comes out at a similar time to previous years, we’ll enjoy it at the beginning of December.

Although Spotify is not set to announce a specific date for the 2021 Wrapped, in 2019 it was released on 5 December and last year on 2 December so be sure to check in regularly when the month begins.

However, to reminisce on songs you might have forgotten about, you can see your Spotify Wrapped from 2020 here.

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What to expect from Spotify Wrapped 2021

If Spotify Wrapped is anything like last year, we can expect to see many new features.

2020 Spotify Wrapped offered in-app quizzes, personalised playlists and brand new badges alongside the usual slideshow-style rundown of your most listened to artists, songs and albums.

We can also expect a rundown on your most loved podcasts with the addition of a huge amount of podcasts that premiered on Spotify in the last year.

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