What is the Taylor Swift presale waiting room and why is it crashing?

Rachael Grealish November 16, 2022
What is the Taylor Swift presale waiting room and why is it crashing?

Taylor Swift fans are really feeling a ‘sad girl autumn’ as Ticketmaster crashed due to thousands being in a presale waiting room for tour tickets.

The 32-year-old Grammy winner announced she would be heading out on tour for the first time in five years for her Eras Tour, following the release of her tenth studio album, Midnights.

She will be joined on tour by special guests such as Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, HAIM, and Girl in Red.

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Swift said it’s going to be a world tour, but only the US dates have been announced so far, which run from March to August 2023.

Some of the cities she’s visiting include Glendale, Las Vegas, Arlington, Tampa, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, and Philadelphia.

The presale kicked off Tuesday at 10 am EST and fans flocked in their millions, according to Ticketmaster. However, fans started complaining that the queue had crashed, paused and some even said they’d waited for hours on end.

Taylor Swift presale crashes on Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift’s ticket presale started yesterday, but due to the huge demand for tickets to her latest concert tour, it meant Ticketmaster understandably crashed.

The company’s support account tweeted that fans “may be experiencing intermittent issues” and that it’s “urgently” working to resolve problems”.

However, by that afternoon, Ticketmaster said that the presale has led to “historically unprecedented demand” for tickets with “millions” showing up to the presale.

Due to the issues, the Capital One presale, which had been scheduled for Tuesday was rescheduled for today, according to Ticketmaster all codes will be working by then.

It’s no surprise fans have flooded in for tickets in their millions, this is Swift’s first tour since before the pandemic with her record-breaking Reputation Tour in 2018 – and since then she’s released three new studio albums and two re-recorded albums, fans will want to see her live.

What is the Taylor Swift presale waiting room?

Although the star’s concerts are set to be hectic and packed with adoring fans, at the moment the most chaotic place to be is the presale waiting room.

Lucky fans who had received a code to use the company’s verified fan program logged on to Ticketmaster to try and secure their seats. However, when people signed in they were placed in a virtual waiting room.

The presale waiting room is where verified presale fans with codes wait until it’s their turn – not to get tickets, just to get into the queue for tickets.

Fans reportedly stay in the waiting room for 30 minutes, before their allotted time for the presale, then get into the presale queue.

Fans wait ‘hours’ in queue before ‘booted’ out

However, while many fans were waiting, they tweeted about issues on the site saying they waited for hours in the queue before being “booted” out.

Fans were dismayed by this because either they worked their way through the queue to the final people in front of them before losing their space or they were stuck on a screen that said there were 2000+ people in from of them regardless of how long they’d waited or how much progress the bar on the screen made.

Others complained their codes, sent to them by Ticketmaster for being a verified fan, weren’t working.

When is the Eras Tour general sale?

For all those who haven’t managed to snag tickets in the presale, the general sale kicks off at 10 am local venue time on Friday, November 18, 2022.

Ticketmaster has some tips for concertgoers to make sure they manage to purchase tickets during the general sale:

  • Sign in to your account in advance
  • Check that your payment details are up-to-date
  • Check for important details like ticket limits before the sale. You can do that from More Info next to the event name, located top of the page
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