What happened to Rod Wave? Twitter hoax rises again

Bruno Cooke March 24, 2021
What happened to Rod Wave? Twitter hoax rises again

What happened to Rod Wave? Following the release of much-hyped Tombstone (1m views in 11 hours on YT), rumours of Rod Wave’s passing are resurfacing on Twitter. Is he still alive? Is he retiring?

What happened to Rod Wave in December, 2020?

Late last year, rumours circulated about the death of American rapper, singer and songwriter Rod Wave (real name: Rodarius Marcell Green). 

Image via YouTube: Rod Wave – Tombstone (Official Video)

HITC documented the steady rise of “RIP Rod Wave” tweets and hashtags following what appeared to be a simple Wikipedia prank.

Facebook posts in mid December alleged that Wave had been shot. Before that, in November, Twitter was aflutter with word of an apparently bogus prediction that Rod Wave would die on 23 November.

By the time 23 November came around (and Rod Wave was still alive and well), Twitter was poking fun at the theory.

Rod Wave Atlanta concert incident

Coincidentally, earlier that month Rod Wave fell through the stage during a concert in Atlanta, along with several members of his entourage.

Folks quickly ran to Wave’s assistance, pulling him back to his feet. But the fracas disrupted the evening’s proceedings.

Billboard wrote the following day that Rod had Instagrammed about the event, writing, “PIMP DOWN I REPEAT PIMP DOWN”. However, his post is no longer available to view.

However, video footage of the incident remains on Twitter.

Is Rod Wave still alive? Is he retiring?

This is not the first time a hoax has circulated about Rod Wave’s death – either by shooting or by some other means – or indeed his retirement.

Nor, presumably, will it be the last.

With the release of Tombstone (video below), Rod Wave has found a receptive audience. The reaction from Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive.

With so many people parsing his every tweet, it only seems inevitable that some will be misunderstood, leading to the circulation of rumours.

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