What did Anthony Fantano say about Drake? DM 'self-leak' explained

Alexandra Ciufudean September 16, 2022
What did Anthony Fantano say about Drake? DM 'self-leak' explained


What prompted Drake to “leak his own DMs”, as music critic Anthony Fantano claims? What happened between the two? Here’s what we know.

If you’re a fan of YouTuber Anthony Fantano, aka The Needle Drop, you might know about the music critic’s long-standing “beef” with rapper Drake.

However, if you’re out of the loop, you might be wondering why the rapper decided to message Fantano – and not with a vegan cookie recipe as was initially claimed.

Here’s what Anthony Fantano said about Drake this time and where their alleged beef stems from.

Anthony Fantano reviewing Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind. Screenshot via Fantano’s YouTube channel

What did Anthony Fantano say about Drake this time?

Anthony Fantano never made it a secret he’s not the biggest Drake fan. Throughout his YouTube career reviewing music on The Needle Drop channel, he has commented on eight of the rapper’s recent albums, plus a number of singles.

The highest rating the critic has given any Drake album was a “light 8” for 2015’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. The rapper’s latest release, Honestly, Nevermind, he simply rated “NOT GOOD.”

“I think this is Drake’s lowest point yet in terms of level of effort,” Fantano said in his review of Honestly, Nevermind, published on June 21.

Although he was pleasantly surprised at a new release so shortly after 2021’s Certified Lover Boy, Fantano tore into almost every aspect of the album: “[Drake] really put almost nothing into this record. It’s so one-note, badly produced, weakly sung, horrendously underwritten.”

Closing his review of Honestly, Nevermind, the critic echoed one underwhelmed fan who thought it “sounds like something that would be playing on repeat at like H&M or something”:

On September 16, Fantano released a video claiming Drake had interrupted his garage workout with a series of “crazy and unexpected” DMs.

Although Fantano says he doesn’t usually share private messages he gets from artists (and he says he gets a lot of those), Fantano claimed this message was “really something everybody should be aware of.”

“I was reached out to by one of the biggest voices in the music industry, the raging Canadian himself, Champagne Papi, aka Drake,” Fantano said, before launching into an eight-minute reading of a vegan cookie recipe.

“Anthony! It’s Drizzy,” the DM began. “I know we don’t always see eye to eye on music and that you are not the biggest fan of most of my albums […] Can always hope you’ll like the next one!”

“But I’m not messaging you about your videos,” the rapper cut right to the chase, revealing he had found “a really great vegan cookie recipe I’d love you to try!”

Fantano claims he ‘made Drake leak his own DMs’

Shortly after Fantano published the vegan cookie recipe he allegedly received from Drake, the rapper took to his Instagram stories to set the story straight, “leaking his own DMs” in the process.

Proving their exchange had nothing to do with vegan cookies (and he isn’t into polite small talk, apparently) Drake shared the three, briefly worded messages he sent the YouTube music critic some time on Wednesday night.

“Your existence is a light 1,” the first message begins, mocking Fantano’s subjective rating system. “And that 1 is cause you are alive.”

After briefly taking a swipe at Fantano’s wife, Dominique, the world-famous rapper ends by rehashing his opening statement: “I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence.”

From the screenshot, it appears Fantano left Drake’s decidedly not-cookie-related DMs on read before hopping on YouTube to share the spoof cookie recipe video.

However, it seems there’s no bad blood on the topic from Fantano, who later tweeted:

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