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What is vapor twitch, the genre taking over your Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Cara Houlton December 1, 2021
Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Spotify Wrapped has made its annual return for 2021 sharing with users their most listened to artists, songs and genres. However Spotify Wrapped has left some users confused this year after seeing that their favourite genre is ‘vapor twitch’.

As many are unsure of what this is, we’ve taken a look into ‘vapor twitch’ to tell you exactly what it means.

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What is vapor twitch?

Whilst some Spotify users might only just be seeing the genre vapor twitch for the first time on their Wrapped in 2021, the genre has been appearing since 2019.

A micro-genre of electronic music, ‘vapor’ can be best described as having a foggy, ethereal sound, whilst ‘twitch’ adds post-futuristic EDM beats.

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Artists in the vapor twitch genre

Vapor twitch not being a widely known genre has caused many Spotify users confusion as to which of their favourite songs fall under this genre.

Some of the most widely listened to vapor twitch artists include Galimatias, NGHTMRE, Lido, RL Grime, What So Not and DROELOE.

The Sounds of Spotify profile on Spotify, which creates a large number of playlists to listen to, has created a ‘The Sounds of Vapor Twitch‘ playlist with nearly 600 songs that fall under the genre of vapor twitch.

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Twitter reactions to vapor twitch

For the past few years following each Spotify Wrapped release, Twitter users once again post their confusion over vapor twitch and 2021 is not an exception.

Whilst most Twitter users wondering what vapor twitch is aren’t sure what songs of theirs fall under this genre, it appears that with so many seeing it pop up on their Wrapped, it’s a very popular one.

Vapor twitch has until now remained a niche genre, but perhaps with so much buzz around its name, vapor twitch could be at the top of many more people’s Spotify Wrapped next year.

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