What does Un Verano Sin Ti mean in English? Bad Bunny title explained

Amber Peake May 6, 2022
What does Un Verano Sin Ti mean in English? Bad Bunny title explained
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Bad Bunny dropped his surprise fourth album this week, with some fans having already wondered the meaning of its title Un Verano Sin Ti in English.

The Puerto Rican rapper released his fourth album on Friday (6 May) following his Met Gala debut at the prestigious fashion event at the start of this week.

Following Un Verano Sin Ti’s drop, we take a look at what the new project’s title means in English as well as exploring the album’s inspirations.

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The meaning of Un Verano Sin Ti in English explained

Bad Bunny’s fourth album Un Verano Sin Ti, translates to A Summer Without You in English.

The rapper recently opened up about the release’s summer theme as he dubbed it a “record to play in the summer, on the beach, as a playlist” in a recent interview with the New York Times.

The summer vibes can also be seen in the visuals of the release. The cover art shows a heart character on a beach surrounded by palm trees as the sun in the background is setting:

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Inspirations behind Un Verano Sin Ti explored

In the same New York Times interview, Bad Bunny also opened up on the inspirations behind Un Verano Sin Ti.

While the rapper spoke about sharing a new sound with fans in each of his projects, he described Un Verano Sin Ti’s 23 tracks to have had a Caribbean musical influence.

He explained: “The album is very Caribbean, in every sense: with its reggaeton, its mambo, with all those rhythms, and I like it that way.”

The artist also went on to add that the record is nostalgic in a sense as he reflected on his past family vacations on the coast of Puerto Rico. Referencing the coast, he also revealed some of the project’s tracks were recorded on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.

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The album is already a hit with fans

Bad Bunny fans have already shared praise of the rapper’s new album Un Verano Sin Ti across social media:

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