Is the new Tekashi 69 documentary on Netflix? Where can you watch The Saga Of Danny Hernandez? The documentary charts the rise to fame of rapper Tekashi 69, and fans are wondering where they can watch it.

Who is 6ix9ine/Tekashi 69?

Daniel Hernandez is the real name of rapper 6ix9ine or Tekashi69 – he uses both names professionally.

Hernandez was born on 8 May 1996 in Brooklyn and is 24 years old. He is thought to come from Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage and has two daughters – Saraiyah with former girlfriend Sara Molina and Briella Iris with a woman only known to the public as Layla.

The rapper previously said he went by the numbers 69 because if you: “Turn the 6 upside down it’s 9 but remains the same in a different perspective.”

He explained: “The true meaning of 69 is just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong. You just haven’t seen my life from my perspective.”

His best-performing songs are FEFE and BEBE, with 614 million and 420 million streams respectively on Spotify. He has also released an album entitled TattleTales in September.

What is the Tekashi 69 documentary about?

Officially entitled 69: The Saga Of Danny Hernandez, the documentary charts the life and story of the Brooklyn rapper who became an internet and viral sensation.

It discusses the singer’s outlandish music videos, his run-ins with the police and how he famously testified against Brooklyn gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Despite his plea bargain, he was sentenced to two years in prison for actions undertaken while a gang member. He is due to be released soon.

The documentary introduces us to Tekashi 69 before the face tattoos and multicoloured hair and features interviews with people from his neighbourhood who knew him at the time.

Director Vikram Gandhi has said: “I’m fascinated by the difference between the perceived person on the surface and the real person underneath.

“Social media has made this distinction even more profound and no story better conveys this new crisis of the digital self than the short-lived career of Tekashi69.

“With nearly 15 million Instagram followers, Tekashi69’s digital footprint was a global force.”

Is the Tekashi 69 documentary on Netflix?

The Tekashi 69 documentary isn’t going to be on Netflix, but will be exclusively available to stream on Hulu.

Many fans have found the documentary a brilliant portrayal of the pursuit of money and fame:

TV and film review site Decider said: “69 has its underpinnings in the hip-hop stories that defined New York City over the last 40 years, but tells a furiously contemporary tale in the memes, madness and body morphing that make a rap star in the millennial age.”

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