Taylor Swift’s Ready For It VIP Package: Price and what’s in store

Bruno Cooke November 17, 2022
Taylor Swift’s Ready For It VIP Package: Price and what’s in store
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Tickets and VIP ticket packages, including Ready For It, are now available to purchase online via Ticketmaster to see Taylor Swift on her upcoming Eras Tour. But at what price?

At least, they’re supposed to be.

Numerous outlets have reported on Swifties fighting “tooth and nail,” as if on some kind of country pop-themed Hunger Games, in order to secure tickets to see arguably the most popular individual singer songwriter of our times.

Among it all, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for the reining in of Ticketmaster and LiveNation. They merged in 2009, prompting criticism from, among others, Bruce Springsteen, who raised concerns over a “near monopoly situation in music ticketing.”

“Los Angeles, CA, USA – November 5, 2012: Music concert show event tIckets for Los Angeles area performances.”

What’s in the Eras Tour (Are You) Ready For It VIP package?

Stylised as ‘…ready for it,’ Taylor Swift’s (Are You) Ready For It VIP package contains one “amazing reserved seated ticket.”

Along with that, you’ll get s special edition of four Taylor Swift prints. These have been exclusively designed for VIPs, according to Ticketmaster’s information sheet on the various Eras Tour VIP packages available.

Each set of prints contains one print specific to your show, in your city. 

Purchasers of the Ready For It VIP package will also receive a few items of “exclusive” Taylor Swift merchandise, to wit: a commemorative Eras Tour VIP tote bag; a “collectible Taylor Swift pin, sticker and postcard set with a souvenir concert ticket; and a “special commissioned” LED VIP tour laminate, which doubles up as an “interactive wearable” during the concert itself.

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What is the price of the Taylor Swift Ready For It VIP package?

VIP ticket packages for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour range in price from $199 to $899. But most of those talking about having bought one on Twitter and Reddit report having paid a price much closer to $899 than to $199. The reason for this appears to be that the cheaper ones have simply sold out already. But it’s also worth noting the following.

Ticketmaster explains that seating configurations and package locations can vary by market and venue. So you have to check your specific date and city for details.

And, the ticketing system has become notorious in recent years for its dynamic pricing, meaning prices have been wont to fluctuate dramatically amid spikes in demand.

On top of all that, if Ticketmaster’s VIP packages do sell out, the only way to get hold of one will be to buy one from someone else, and resale site StubHub has already seen regular passes listed for $13,500.

How do the various Eras Tour VIP packages compare?

There are a total of five VIP packages available as part of Ticketmaster’s official ticket sale for Taylor Swift’s 2023 Eras Tour. Besides the Ready For It VIP package, the others are called It’s Been A Long Time Coming, I Remember It All Too Well, It’s A Love Story and Karma Is My Boyfriend, and all have different prices.

The fundaments of each one are similar. Each comes with a reserved seated ticket – one “unforgettable,” one “phenomenal,” one “incredible,” etc. You get the picture.

They all come with an Eras Tour tote bag, a set of four Taylor Swift prints and the pin/sticker/postcard set plus souvenir concert ticket. They all also come with the so-called “interactive wearable.”

In fact, they are all basically identical; it’s just the adjective that describes the seat that changes, which suggests that the only difference is where you sit. Plus, if you get the (unforgettable) It’s Been A Long Time Coming package, you’ll get VIP priority check-in and enter via a separate VIP entrance, plus early venue entry and some extra shopping opportunities.

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for MTV

Swifties say they would prefer affordable tickets to VIP ticket packages

Ticketmaster experienced what it has described as “historically unprecedented demand” for the Taylor Swift ticket presale.

“Millions” showed up to buy tickets as part of the presale. The ticketing service asked customers to “please hang tight,” assuring them that “queues are moving and we are working to get fans through as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, however, numerous Swifties have taken to Twitter to air their thoughts on the ticketing options for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

“I say this with all the love in the world,” writes one. “None of us really wants the VIP packages with the extra merch. We’d rather buy merch separately and get decently priced tickets instead. It was a little disheartening to wait hours to buy tickets only to have $700 tickets left.”

Another argued that customers should be able to “retroactively opt out” of VIP packages. “So many people panic bought whatever they could find and had no other options.”

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