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StayC vs Stray Kids fans: Kpop Twitter feud explained

Olivia Olphin November 16, 2020
StayC vs Stray Kids fans: Kpop Twitter feud explained
Photo by Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

StayC Stray Kids fandom feud explained: An ongoing Twitter dispute between fans of the Kpop groups StacyC and Stray Kids is currently tearing through the social media platform. One side has accused the other of trying to steal their fandom name – STAY – and a flurry of tweets from both sides ensued. What happened exactly?

Keep reading to find out just what started this Twitter fight. Who should use the fandom name STAY?

Who are the two Kpop groups?

Stray Kids is an all male Kpop group who were formed on a reality TV show in 2017.

They have 3.7 million followers on Twitter and 9.7 million followers on Instagram. Their biggest songs are MIROH and God’s Menu, which have 70 million and 54 million streams on Spotify.

StayC is a female Kpop group who have just dropped their first two songs this month.

They have 43k Twitter followers and 53k Instagram followers. Their biggest hit is So Bad, which dropped on 12 Nov 2020 and already has 237,000 streams on Spotify.

Stray Kids seem to have a much larger fandom than the new Kpop group StayC.

StayC and Stray Kids’ Twitter feud

The fans of both Kpop groups – StayC and Stray Kids – are fighting over who gets to keep the name STAY for their respective fandoms.

As the Stray Kids are an older group, their fans argue they should be the ones to use STAY, especially since as the band have been calling them this nickname since 2018.

Another reason why Stray Kids fans feel STAY is theirs is because the ‘r’ in stray stands for “reason” – and Stray Kid’s fans are the reason that the Kpop group STAY. This started trending under the hashtag #YouMakeStrayKidsStay

However, some StayC fans are making fun of this logic.

To counter this, StayC fans started a rival hashtag, #StrayKids_Apologize_To_STAYC

Some fans of StayC also claimed that, because the word STAY is closer to StayC, they should get to take the fandom name instead.

In August 2018, the Stray Kids posted on their Youtube channel that the official name for their fandom would be STAY – and the band have officially held the nickname for over two years.

Of course, as with any Twitter feud, StayC vs Stray Kids has created a lot of hilarious memes.

Things still seem heated between StayC and Stray Kids fandoms, but we hope they can find common ground soon and then STAY away from each other.

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