Spotify Lyrics not showing up? 2021 feature fixed on iPhone and Android

Darcy Rafter November 22, 2021
Spotify Lyrics not showing up? 2021 feature fixed on iPhone and Android

Fed up with belting a song out and getting the words wrong? Spotify have answered your prayers and made things a whole lot easier with its newest 2021 feature. The new feature allows fans across the globe to sing more confidently than ever but here’s what to do if the lyrics are not showing up for you.

With the launch of Lyrics, one of the most requested features ever, Spotify are giving listeners the chance to interact with the platform in their new partnership with Musixmatch.

As of today, November 22nd, Lyrics are available to all Free and Premium users globally. If you’re really excited about the new feature but the lyrics are not showing up, then here’s how to solve it.

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Are your Spotify Lyrics not showing up?

If the answer is yes then look no further, we can help you fix this problem by following these simple steps.

Make sure you’re on a device that will allow this feature to work; iOS or Android device, desktop, TV and select gaming consoles.

It is only available on these consoles; Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Xbox One, along with Android TV, including FireTV, Samsung, Roku, LG, Sky, and Comcast.

Firstly you can try logging out of the account and back in two times to sync things up.

You can also try a clean reinstall instead of the regular one, this means it will remove the old drivers first and then install the new ones. Allowing you to get the latest version of Spotify.

You can also give your device a restart before opening the newly installed app to reboot the system. Make sure the latest version of Spotify is also downloaded.

If that doesn’t work you can always create a new account as it may work better with a new user. You can then follow these steps to move your music to the new account and have the lyrics feature working.

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2021 feature fixed on iPhone and Android

The main way to fix it is by clicking the correct buttons to access and enable the feature. Because the lyrics won’t always pop up automatically.

Firstly, you need to tap on the “Now Playing View” on a song. Then whilst you are still listening to the song you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Also, if you skip to a part in the song then the lyrics will follow and do the same to sync.

When you see the track’s lyrics appear they will be scrolling down as the song plays so you don’t need to touch the screen to see the future words in the song.

On laptops or computers, you can access the lyrics by clicking on the microphone symbol on the “Now Playing” bar, and then the lyrics will automatically appear.

For the Spotify TV application, users should do the same and click the “Now Playing” tab and in the right-hand corner, there will be a “Lyrics Button” where you can enable the feature.

This feature also gives users the option to share the lyrics in a song that they’re listening to. You can do this by pressing the “Share” button at the bottom of the lyrics screen and then selecting the lyrics you want to share. After selecting the words you want to post, you can then decide what platform you share them with.

Happy singing, now that we FINALLY have the words right!

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