Who are Soccer Mommy's parents? Tweet calls out indie stars

Olivia Olphin March 31, 2021

Who are Soccer Mommy’s parents? A meme tweet has gone viral today talking about the famous parents of indie singers such as Clairo and Frankie Cosmos. We give you all the details about Soccer Mommy, or Sophia Regina Allison’s parents, and take a look at her music career and tour information.

Meet Sophia Regina Allison, aka Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophia Regina Allison, is a 23 year old indie singer born in Switzerland but raised in Nashville.

She is best known for her songs Your Dog and Circle the Drain, which have 25 million and 14 million streams on Spotify.

Allison has said that some of the main influences on her music are 90s artists such as Sleater-Kinney, Hole, Liz Phair and Elliot Smith.

Allison dropped out of New York University to pursue her career in music and hasn’t looked back.

At the moment Soccer Mommy only has a few tour dates scheduled. These are at the Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands on 11 June, Trinity College in Dublin Ireland on 29 June with Haim, and also 1 July at the Vida Festival in Spain.

Who are Soccer Mommy’s parents?

A meme tweet has gone viral today talking about the famous parents of indie stars.

Another twitter user called out Frankie Cosmos, Soccer Mommy and Clairo for having famous parents and allegedly profiting off of their success.

However, it appears that Soccer Mommy’s parents are not famous.

While we do not know the names of her parents we do know that when Allison was 12, just over a decade ago, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. This experience was a key influence for her most recent demo Color Theory.

Sophia Regina Allison has said that her mum is responding well to medication, but that touring and distance are having an affect on her health.

Her mother also works as a first grade teacher.

Allison’s father is an American neuroscientist. He previously worked in Switzerland but the family moved to Nashville when she was only two years old.

He is currently working as a lecturing neuroscientist at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

We can’t wait to see Soccer Mommy in a live concert soon!