The Half A Tanner pub in Perth, Scotland, has installed a full-size shower cubicle so it can resume karaoke nights.

Karaoke has been off the menu in UK pubs since the coronavirus outbreak, with loud volume and singing banned even though lock-down has eased at pubs and restaurants.

However, the shower cubicle allows people to sing along to their favourite hits safely as punters in the bar listen to their efforts via headphones, like a silent disco, while watching on television screens.

Singers taking part are given disposable microphone covers, while disinfectant is blasted through the cubicle to keep it clean.


A pub spokesman told the Evening Telegraph: “We were trying to think how we could bring karaoke back safely. At the moment we can’t have any loud volume because of the risk of projecting covid-19 particles – we can’t have loud music or people singing and shouting.

“We thought ‘everyone likes to sing in the shower’ so we brought in a full-size shower cubicle that’s all kitted out with a television screen and silent disco kit.

“That way we can still do karaoke in a fun and safe way. We have been inundated with messages from people asking to book the cubicle.”

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