Where is Rick Astley now? Remember when being “Rickrolled” was a thing about a decade ago? Well, it’s back in full force and the Rickroll video just got a remaster makeover, in 60fps and 4K. Twitter reactions to this are…mixed, mainly due to the uncanny valley quality of the remaster.

Where is Rick Astley now?

Rick Astley has been immortalised as a one hit wonder in 1987, with his now-classic song, Never Gonna Give You Up. Fans are wondering where Astley is now, more than three decades later.

The British singer is now 55 years old. After his one hit wonder, he carried on with his music career, making various singles such as The Ones You Love, Hopelessly and Cry For Help. Over time, his sound moved from pop to contemporary, to soul.

Rick Astley now is trending across social media, singing covers of popular songs.

He recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to wish Holly Willoughby a happy 40th birthday and has recurred as a guest DJ and vocalist for the Foo Fighters, on a few occasions.

Rickroll video gets 4K remaster

The music video of Rick Astley’s infamous song, Never Gonna Give You Up, was posted on YouTube on 31 January 2021 by an unknown user. The video had been remastered in 4K at 60FPS and it has been blowing up ever since, with more than 41K views so far.

The user that posted the video captioned it, “Remastered music video with Topaz Video Enhance AI and RIFE (Flowframes). I hope you like it!”.

So, Fans can now watch Rick Astley in all of his glory.

Twitter reactions are…mixed

Fans are in awe of the Rickroll’s comeback. Some even think the new video remaster is a meta Rickroll, as, when they saw Rick Astley trending on the platform, they had originally expected bad news.

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