Ranking the top 10 all-time Courteeners songs

Dom Toner April 2, 2020
Ranking the top 10 all-time Courteeners songs

Formed in Middleton in 2006, there is no doubt that the Courteeners have a loyal army of fans by their side and are yet another huge success story to come out of Manchester’s historical music scene. 

With charismatic lead singer Liam Fray at the heart of their success, the indie band released their sixth album in January 2020 with More.Again.Forever. 

Here is a look at the band’s all-time top 10 songs:

10. Are You In Love With A Nation?

(Anna album)

A song off the band’s third album that is still as popular as ever at live shows, with a sing-along chorus  that has their supporters screaming it back at them and it’s a brilliant curtain-raiser. 

9. Better Man 

 (More.Again.Forever. album)

‘Better Man’ is the first of two songs included on this list from the band’s 2020 album, which has shown they are still capable of producing top numbers and attracting huge audiences. The track is a throwback to some of their earlier hits, with it’s catchy melodic chorus and vibrant sound.

8. Modern Love 

 (Mapping The Rendezvous album)

A song co-written with the band Hurts, this fast-paced production includes Fray at his fluent best and guitarist Daniel Moores arguably stealing the show with his contribution. 

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7.Bide Your Time

 (St. Jude album)

A timeless hit from the band’s debut album, which tells the story of a holiday and encapsulates some of their fine early work. Courteeners’ live following could perform the whole song for Fray if he ever fancied a break amid the chaos of one of their live gigs.

6. Hanging Off Your Cloud

 (More.Again.Forever. album)

A slow-paced ballad that shows Fray at his vocal best and is yet another sign that the Courteeners have plenty more left in the tank. 

5. The Opener

 (Falcon album)

The first track on the band’s second album seems like a tribute to their upbringing in Manchester and it’s helped shape them into the band they are now, so it’s no surprise they sell out almost instantly when they return home.

4. The 17th

 (Mapping The Rendezvous album)

Courteeners frontman Fray certainly flexed his creative writing with this track, which builds fantastically and has a niche synthesizer sound.

3. What Took You So Long?

 (St.Jude album)

Courteeners have mainly used this song as their finale at gigs over the last decade, with the live version intertwining the chorus from James’ ‘Tomorrow’. There is also a nod towards there Manchester heritage with the line “I’m like a Morrissey with some strings”.

2. Small Bones

 (Concrete Love album)

A clear standout from the band’s fourth album that explores a distance relationship with Fray’s genius storytelling at the heart of it. A song that builds towards a dramatic ending, plus the introduction of a backing orchestra shows there has been a massive development to this band over time.

1. Not Nineteen Forever

 (St Jude album)

Perhaps not one of the most articulate or creative songs ever released by the Courteeners, but no doubt the one that put this Manchester band on the map and helped catapult them to dizzy heights. This upbeat anthem is still played everywhere across the UK despite its release back in 2008 and is the band’s most recognisable catchy tune. 

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