Rammstein's Adieu video: Meaning and English lyrics explored

Rachael Grealish November 25, 2022
Rammstein's Adieu video: Meaning and English lyrics explored
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Rammstein has released the music video to their latest single Adieu and some fans think the meaning behind it links to rumors of retirement.

Earlier this week the band released a cryptic teaser for fans revealing they could look forward to a new music video for the song Adieu from 2022 album Zeit.

The German metal band dropped their eighth studio album in April but the release of the title track as the album’s lead single, along with its music video, coincided with the announcement in March.

Rammstein’s Adieu video explained

Adieu is the fifth and last single from Rammstein’s album Zeit, with a music video that dropped yesterday, November 24.

In the almost nine-minute visual, the band arrive at a beautiful building – in real life the Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris – but it soon turns into them taking part in a heist.

As they walk through the building they retrieve various weapons and shoot their way into a room that contains past versions of themselves.

The group says an emotional goodbye to their other selves before setting the vault on fire. The floor of the building then opens into a vast cavern that contains loads of moving bodies.

The final scenes show the band members lying dead in the hallways they first walked through – perhaps suggesting they never actually made it through the heist.

Rammstein Adieu lyrics in English

The whole song is an emotional farewell, but with the hope of seeing someone again.

[Verse 1]
Only death lasts forever
It whispers under the pine branch
Must draw everything into its darkness
Even the sun will burn out

But don’t worry, we are with you
One last time, so we sing

Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
You have to go the last way alone
One last song, one last kiss
No miracle will happen
Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
I had a nice time with you

[Verse 2]
You quietly rise from life
The soul goes on a quiet journey
Flesh perishes, spirit will rise
The being will surrender to death (Yes)

In the end, you are all alone
But we will be with you

Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
You have to go the last way alone
One last song, one last kiss
No miracle will happen
Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
I had a nice time with you

Everyone dies alone (All alone)
But you will always be with us

Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
You have to go the last way alone
One last song, one last kiss
No miracle will happen
Adieu, goodbye, see you again!
I had a nice time with you

Fans think Rammstein Adieu video hints at retirement

Fans have been speculating about the meaning of Rammstein’s Adieu video and some think it is hinting at rumors the band will retire after their European tour, which starts in 2023.

Many fans and reviews of the video have claimed this is the band saying farewell thanks to the obvious title Adieu, a French word that literally means “goodbye”. Obviously, some people are touched and upset at the concept they could be quitting the music industry.

Fans have been speculating about this since the song title was announced.

The video is also littered with Easter eggs, such as the vault being labeled ‘MUTTER-22’, which fans have suggested could be a reference to their third studio album, released in 2001.

Fans on Reddit have gone into depth about their theories on the video, with one claiming: “They’re saying goodbye to their younger selves as well as telling fans who don’t want them to change that they’re moving on with or without you… They’re saying the past is dead but it will always be a part of who we are.”

Of course, until the band – that formed in the 1990s – officially announces an end to their work it’s all just fan speculation.

Rammstein’s management told The Focus: “We are sure you will have your own interpretation on this. The band thinks it is good if the lyrics and videos are interpreted and understood in different directions. From the authors’ point of view, there is no right or wrong.

Rammstein set for 2023 tour

Fans worried Rammstein may be retiring still have a chance to enjoy seeing them live as the German metal band announced a huge European studio tour in September with stops including Helsinki, Munich, Bern, and Budapest. Check below for their upcoming dates…

Rammstein 2023 European tour dates:

  • May 22: Vilnius Vingio Parkas, Lithuania
  • May 27: Helsinki Olympiastadion, Finland
  • May 28: Helsinki Olympiastadion, Finland
  • Jun 02: Odense Dyrskueplads, Denmark
  • Jun 07: Munich Olympiastadion, Germany
  • Jun 08: Munich Olympiastadion, Germany
  • Jun 14: Trenčín Airport, Slovakia
  • Jun 17: Bern Stadion Wankdorf, Switzerland
  • Jun 18: Bern Stadion Wankdorf, Switzerland
  • Jun 23: Madrid Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano, Spain
  • Jun 26: Lisbon Estádio Da Luz, Portugal
  • Jul 01: Padova Stadio Euganeo, Italy
  • Jul 06: Groningen Stadspark, Netherlands
  • Jul 11: Budapest Puskás Aréna, Hungary
  • Jul 15: Berlin Olympiastadion, Germany
  • Jul 16: Berlin Olympiastadion, Germany
  • Jul 22: Paris Stade de France, France
  • Jul 26: Vienna Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Austria
  • Jul 30: Chorzów Stadion Śląski, Poland
  • Aug 04: Brussels King Baudouin Stadium, Belgium
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