Qdeoks meaning explained: K-pop fans are some of the most dedicated music lovers on the planet, and have the Twitter presence to show for it. Recently, amid the BTS fandom a burning question has surfaced: what does Qdeoks mean? Keep reading to find out.

Qdeoks meaning explained

Qdeoks is actually a term used for this Twitter account that posts K-pop content.

The person behind the account, whose username is @nikkekeke, keeps fans updated on the latest news about K-pop group BTS.

She also used to post concerts and live-streams on her website. However, her website was shut down due to copyright issues around sharing content without permission.

Twitter has a theory about Qdeoks

Despite her omnipresence in the fandom, the identity of Qdeoks remains a mystery to BTS fans. However, some were trying to guess her identity on a recent live stream.

One user asked if Qdeoks was in fact Yoongi. Also known as Suga, real name Min Yoon-gi, Yoongi is the lead singer and rapper of BTS.

After debuting with BTS in 2013 he has subsequently released his own music under the name Agust D.

His top song, Daechwita, has over 78 million streams on Spotify.

However, other BTS fans were not impressed with this guess.

Qdeoks has also posted on their Twitter that other accounts are trying to impersonate her, and are using her name to gain followers.

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