Polo G new album release date 2021: When will a new album drop?

Amber Peake June 11, 2021
Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images


Polo G album release date 2021: Here is what we know about the rapper’s current and upcoming musical projects. Rapper Polo G announced the release of his new single, Rapstar, on social media in April. Will a 2021 album drop follow? We look into the facts and fiction about Polo G’s new music.

Polo G releases Rapstar

Polo G, real name Taurus Tremani Bartlett, announced his upcoming single Rapstar would be available to stream from Wednesday, 9 April.

In a post to both his Instagram and Twitter, he wrote: “April 9th 12am Et.” At the rime, Polo G’s fans went wild and took to social media to share their excitement.

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Polo G new album release date: Is a new album coming out in 2021?

Yes. Polo G announced his new album Hall Of Fame would be released today Friday, 11 June in a post to his 8.2 million followers on Instagram last month.

In honour of Hall Of Fame dropping, the rapper took to Instagram to thank his team for supporting him. He wrote: “HALL OF FAME we Finally Here now let’s Go up.”

Polo G has previously mentioned the upcoming album, Hall Of Fame, within hashtags on his Instagram.

In a now-deleted post back in March, he captioned a post: “They say I’m Pac rebirthed. Never put out a weak verse. Homicides When we lurk imma step til my feet hurt #HALLOFFAME.”

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Some eagle-eyed followers also spotted #HOF in the rapper’s Instagram bio relating to his new album’s name Hall Of Fame.

Polo G released his first album, Die A Legend, in 2019 and a year later dropped his second – The Goat – whose title is an acronym meaning “greatest of all time”.

In the past, the rapper hinted at a 2021 album release while discussing his unreleased songs from older albums.

Tweeting to his fans back in February, he wrote: “Y’all be asking me a lot for music that I really never plan on releasing cuz I passed that sound & mindset so one day I might drop a tape w all throw aways but rn I’m focused on my next Ring.”

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