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Passion Conference 2023 locations revealed

Bruno Cooke January 5, 2022
passion 2023 location

The dust has settled on Passion Conference 2022 – now people are wondering what locations are in store for the 2023 event. Plus, when exactly is the next Passion conference going to take place?

Passion 2023 locations revealed

The next Passion conferences – there are two planned, one for the end of 2022 and another in early 2023 – will take place in Texas and Georgia respectively.

The specific locations for the 2022/2023 Passion conferences are Dallas–Fort Worth and Atlanta.

While tickets are not yet actually on sale, would-be attendants can sign up to be among the first to purchase tickets to Passion 2023.

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Source: YouTube [passionconferences]

When is the next Passion conference?

The next set of conferences will be three-day events – rather than two-day.

The first, in Dallas–Fort Worth, will run from December 28 to December 30. 

A few days later, the second instalment of Passion 2023 (and the only part which will actually happen in 2023) will run from January 3 to January 5 – in Atlanta, Georgia.

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It’s not yet clear exactly how much tickets will cost, but last year’s Passion conference started at under $100. Registration opened on June 28.

What is a Passion conference?

The Passion movement started in 1995. It exists “to glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer and justice”, according to the organisation’s blurb.

Gatherings have been occurring annually since 1997, since which “millions of students and 18-25 year olds” have attended.

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Hotel Portofino | Official Trailer

Hotel Portofino | Official Trailer

Passion Conferences itself is a Christian organisation founded by Louie Giglio. The organisation is behind sixstepsrecords, the musical group Passion, and the megachurch Passion City Church.

People also refer to Passion Conferences as “the 268 Generation” (after the eighth verse of the 26th book chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible – 26:8 – which is the cornerstone of the movement) or simply, Passion.

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