Twitter thinks they discovered Olivia Wilde's Spotify playlist for Harry Styles

Eve Edwards June 17, 2021
Twitter thinks they discovered Olivia Wilde's Spotify playlist for Harry Styles


The internet has been freaking out over the supposed discovery of Olivia Wilde’s Spotify, with some fans thinking they’ve found a playlist dedicated to Harry Styles. The playlist, they claim, is called simply “H”.

The actress turned director was first romantically linked to Harry Styles in January 2021. The pair, who met while working on Wilde’s upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling, were spotted holding hands at a wedding. They have never confirmed or denied their relationship, although sources have reported the two are spending time together in London this June.

Let’s take a look at Olivia Wilde’s alleged Spotify account, what it tells us, and why the internet is obsessing over the discovery of the “H” playlist.

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Twitter users think they’ve stumbled on Olivia Wilde’s Spotify account

Twitter users revealed they had discovered what they think is Olivia Wilde’s Spotify account. It is under the username “ohdubbs“.

Olivia Wilde has not confirmed this is her official Spotify account. There are, however, some clues in the playlists that could link it to the director, if one were looking for clues.

Here’s why some fans feel confident in their theory.

There is a playlist called “BOOKSMART”, which was created in February 2018. Wilde had a film of the same name, which was released in 2019. None of the songs on the “BOOKSMART” playlist made it into the film’s final cut, but the genres, artists and musical themes used in both share similarities.

Another playlist, entitled “DWD in order”, is linked to Wilde’s upcoming film with Harry Styles, Don’t Worry Darling. As the film has not yet had its release, we cannot gauge whether these tracks will make it to the film’s soundtrack.

There is also a playlist entitled “Otis”, which is the same name as Olivia Wilde’s son.

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What is the “H” playlist that Twitter won’t stop talking about?

Twitter thinks they found a playlist on the “ohdubbs” Spotify account entitled “H”. They believe this to be dedicated to Wilde’s rumoured boyfriend, Harry Styles. This playlist has since been removed from the account, or made private.

Some of the songs included on the playlist apparently include Lady Luck by Richard Swift, My Sweet Lord by The Belmonts, Jealous Guy by Donny Hathaway, and Govinda Jai Jai by Alice Coltrane. 

On the matter of this discovery, fans appear to be divided into two camps: those who believe it to be real, and those who doubt its authenticity.

As one Twitter user pointed out: “Olivia Wilde is a 37-year-old famous woman. I can guarantee you she doesn’t have a public Spotify playlist dedicated to Harry Styles.”

Another concurred: “I really don’t think that Olivia Wilde playlist is real. Especially how the playlist is no longer called H is sketchy.”

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This hasn’t stopped hordes of Twitter users from sharing their thoughts on the ‘H’ playlist.

One fan tweeted: “So I’ve found the playlist Olivia Wilde supposedly made for Harry on Spotify and I made myself sad.”

Another added: “Have you ever cried over a playlist Olivia Wilde made?”

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