Olivia Pope or Ariana Grande? Fans can’t tell the difference in the video for Positions!

After Ariana Grande released her latest video for single Positions, fans are saying it’s giving them major Olivia Pope vibes.

The video was uploaded to Ariana’s YouTube today (23 October) and she shared it on Twitter and Instagram captioned: “Positions out now, directed by Dave Meyers.”

Ever the modern feminist icon, Ariana presents herself as both a homemaker in the kitchen and also rising up to the White House as the president – extreme Legally Blonde feels.

Biden or Trump? How about Grande?

Watch the video yourself here:

Who is Olivia Pope?

For fans of the show Scandal, Olivia Pope is a familiar face but for those who haven’t seen the show before, the character is a political crisis manager in Washington.

However, she’s become known to fans of the show for her fashion and style, which usually includes head-to-toe stylish ensembles with a handbag included, of course.

Max Mara, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren are just a few of the designers Olivia has been decked out in throughout the show.

Olivia’s corridor walk scenes have also become iconic among fans.

So why do people think Ariana Grande looks like Olivia Pope?

Some people on Twitter couldn’t help but pick up on the similarities between Ariane and Olivia in some scenes from the Positions video, with some even speculating the whole video was inspired by the character.

From the very idea of a powerful woman in politics to the looks and slow-mo walking scenes, there are some undeniable similarities between the two.

One fan tweeted: “Ariana Grande is giving me Olivia Pope vibes but as THE President.”

Others included side-by-side images of the two:

Some compared Ariana and Olivia’s walks:

The Jackie Kennedy similarities

While most fans compared Ariana straight away to Scandal’s Olivia Pope, others’ minds went to a more historical figure – Jackie Kennedy.

Fun fact: Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit has been placed in a vault until the year 2103 before it can be displayed in any museum.

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