No, Post Malone is not dead: What happened on stage at St Louis concert

Alexandra Ciufudean September 19, 2022
No, Post Malone is not dead: What happened on stage at St Louis concert
Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions


An errant rumor claiming Post Malone was dead broke out this weekend after the rapper fell through the stage during a concert in St Louis.

A now-deleted “RIP Post Malone” Facebook page supporting the rumor was allegedly created on Saturday, September 17.

Though the rumor is false – the musician is alive and well – fans think Post Malone may have cheated death.

Here’s what happened during the rapper’s St Louis concert and how he is doing now.

Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

No, Post Malone is not dead

The fake rumor that Post Malone is dead broke out after the rapper suffered an accident during a St Louis concert this Saturday, September 17. Halfway through his set, while performing fan favorite song Circles, Malone walked down a ramp and straight into an uncovered gap in the stage floor.

The Grammy-nominated singer is currently in the middle of his Twelve Carat tour with upcoming dates across the US, New Zealand and Australia until early February 2023.

Some confused fans likely misinterpreted the accident, thinking it meant Post Malone had died.

Happily, the rumor is not true. Post Malone is alive and well, and he even finished his St Louis set after taking 15 minutes backstage to recover from the fall.

What happened to the rapper on stage during his St Louis concert?

According to a TikTok video from fan Kelly Manno, who attended the St Louis concert, Post Malone had been performing Circles and walking across the stage when he tripped into a gap, causing him to collapse onto the stage in pain. Shortly after that, the music cut off while the rapper struggled with his injuries.

Indeed, the fall “winded me pretty good,” he admitted in a video shared to Twitter on Sunday. It seemed to take almost 30 minutes before he was well enough to continue with the show.

He apologized to fans for “ruining the show”, allegedly took a swig of a beer someone handed him and the show went on.

The Rockstar singer gave more details on the incident in a follow-up video, thanking fans “for the patience.”

“Thank you for putting up with my dumb a**,” Malone said. “Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitar’s on the guitar stand and it goes down, and there’s this big-a** hole. So, I go around there and then turn the corner and bust my a**.” 

After a visit to the hospital and some much-needed pain management, the rapper reassured fans “everything’s good.” He also promised St Louis fans an extended show on his next visit, to “make up for the couple missed songs” from Saturday’s set.

Malone’s manager, Dre London, shared a health update after the incident, explaining the rapper had bruised (but not broken!) three ribs. “Let’s all keep him in our thoughts as we know he will wake up in pain,” London added.

Fans think Post Malone cheated death

What happened during his St Louis concert is only Post Malone’s most recent brush with potential death. In 2018, the Billboard Top artist posted a serious-not serious tweet that read “god must hate me” after enduring a string of freak occurrences.

First, the musician was involved in a plane accident, when two tyres of his private jet blew out on the runway and it was forced to make an emergency landing.

Then, Malone’s old home was reportedly broken into by two would-be robbers with guns.

Finally, in early September 2018, his Rolls Royce collided with another car and then crashed through a fence, leaving several of those involved with mild injuries. Santa Monica police reported several people received assistance at the scene, but no one was seriously hurt.

After Malone told a reporter at the site of the crash that “God must be trying to kill me,” fans thought they discovered the cause of his bad luck: touching the “world’s most haunted object”.

A 2018 video published by TMZ showed Post Malone visiting the Haunted Museum in Los Angeles and making indirect contact with a dybbuk-cursed box. At least according to Zak Bagans, who runs the museum and owns the allegedly cursed item.

However, fans seemed sold on the theory and even brought up Post Malone’s previous brushes with death after what happened to him this weekend.

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