Mystic Marley age: How old is Bob Marley’s granddaughter?

Bruno Cooke April 7, 2021
How old Mystic Marley, and is she Bob Marley's granddaughter?

What is Mystic Marley’s age? Bob Marley’s granddaughter appeared on NBC’s Today Show today, with Hoda and Jenna, prompting the uninitiated to wonder what her relation is to rocksteady pioneer and Rastafari icon Bob Marley. So, how old is she?

How old is Mystic Marley?

Jamaican singer and musician Mystic Marley posted about her 23rd birthday on 3 March. 

Soon afterwards, she received well wishes via her Instagram post from Maestro Marley, who wrote, “Happy Birthday to my Lovely niece!” 

Other members of the Marley family also joined in, including Justice Marley and Zipporah Marley.

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Is Mystic Marley Bob Marley’s granddaughter?

Yes. Mystic Marley is the daughter of Stephen Marley, and granddaughter of Bob Marley. 

Like many members of her family before her, she is a recording artist. She released her debut single, Beatdown, in 2018. Listen to Mystic sing it live for NothingMag below. Alternatively, listen to the studio version here.

Does being a Marley bring a lot of pressure?

During an interview with Isaac Biehl of Source Weekly, Mystic opened up about what it’s like to be at the young end of such a strong musical lineage.

“I don’t feel pressure”, she said. “I feel like it’s a responsibility. It keeps you working hard and it’s definitely positive. It’s kind of an inspiration.”

She has toured with her father Stephen Marley at least twice, and describes performing as “literally the icing on the cake”.

Source: YouTube

Mystic Marley on NBC

Mystic appeared on NBC’s Today with Hoda & Jenna this morning at 9 o’clock, for an hour.

Again, her Instagram post about the appearance brought in comments from multiple Marleys, including Ziggy, Sara, Justice, Kymora and Jeremiah.

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