Meet Matt Shultz’s wife Eva Ross as singer is arrested in New York

Bruno Cooke January 11, 2023
Meet Matt Shultz’s wife Eva Ross as singer is arrested in New York
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Cage The Elephant frontman Matt Shultz, age 39, was arrested in New York City last week, almost exactly three years after he and his wife Eva got engaged.

Eva Ross, also known as Eva Daire, posted on Instagram on January 11, 2020, in celebration of her engagement to Shultz. It had happened a week or so earlier, on New Year’s Eve.

She described him as a “beautiful human,” and said he had given her a “new memory.”

Eva is Matt Shultz’s second wife – he and French model Juliette Buchs separated after four years of marriage, in 2018.

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Meet Matt Shultz’s second wife, Eva Ross Daire

Like her husband, Cage The Elephant frontman Matt Shultz, Eva Ross is a singer and musical artist.

She is a verified artist on Spotify, and has one studio album listed on the streaming platform. Lose came out in 2017. Two years later, a single followed by the name of White Lies.

Eva and Matt got engaged on New Year’s Eve – so technically either December 31, 2019, or January 1, 2020. She posted on Instagram in celebration of their shared life event a few days later, saying the past 10 months had been “the most healing, fun and encouraging times” of her life.

“I love you Matthew Ray,” she wrote. She added that she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life “loving and encouraging” him.

She is also a dancer and actor

According to her Instagram bio, Eva Ross is an actor, dancer and musician. Her IMDB profile, however – she goes by Eva Daire on the platform – doesn’t contain any information besides the fact that she is 5ft 3in (1.6m) tall, and married Shultz in 2020.

JukeBugs’ article on Matt Shultz’s two marriages also says he and Eva Ross became husband and wife in 2020 (and adds that she is also a choreographer), although it doesn’t specify the date.

However, Elegant Alterations, a bridal design and tailoring outfit in Nashville, Tennessee, posted on Instagram in March of that year indicating that it had altered Daire’s “vintage heirloom” wedding dress for her and Shultz’s marriage. 

It names her as Eva Daire in the post, which suggests that that is the name under which she married. Ross appears to be a stage and/or screen name.

Where did Matt Shultz meet wife Eva Daire Ross?

Daire/Ross met Shultz in Kentucky, the singer’s home state. Originally, he’s from Bowling Green, and formed Cage The Elephant in 2006 with a group of high school friends. His brother Brad is also a member of the group.

In November 2021, she posted on Instagram in commemoration of her grandfather, who had just passed away. 

She described him as the “best Papaw and the best farmer” out there. She added that he was “still bush hogging” and riding his tractor at the age of 91. 

Her uploads also feature Shultz, plus photos of her dancing or playing the guitar, or wishing her dad a happy Father’s Day.

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Sony

Why is Shultz in the news in 2023?

According to NBC News, authorities arrested Matt Shultz on Thursday last week after they found “two loaded guns” of his at a New York City hotel.

The 39-year-old was arraigned the following day. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office set the bail at $10,000 cash, or $30,000 bond. He is due in court on January 11, 2023.

His lawyer, Sanford Talkin, reportedly declined to comment when NBC reached out for comment. GRV Media/The Focus has reached out to Talkin for comment independently.

Shultz was staying at the Bowery Hotel in Manhattan, New York City. He does not appear to have any history of arrest.

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