Meet Elizabeth Maniscalco aka Elizabeth Rose: Age, career of Aussie DJ

Bruno Cooke October 26, 2022
Meet Elizabeth Maniscalco aka Elizabeth Rose: Age, career of Aussie DJ


Sydney-born, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Elizabeth Rose, real name Elizabeth Maniscalco, arrived on the scene in her early 20s with debut single Ready.

The following year, she toured Australia with her first EP, The Good Life.

Her output was pretty regular throughout the early 2010s and up until 2017, at which point it appeared to slow down.

But she’s back as BRUX, making music even she struggles to define.

ELIZABETH ROSE – DIVISION (OFFICIAL VIDEO) | YouTube channel Elizabeth Maniscalco

Who is Elizabeth Maniscalco, aka Elizabeth Rose? Age and early career of Aussie DJ

In January 2014, The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Maniscalco who, at the time, was 23 years old.

Eight, nearly nine years later, her current age is either 31 or 32.

She was still living with her family in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle, but promised journalist Craig Mathieson, who interviewed her, that she was moving out within the month.

“I’m just waiting for the royalties from the song to come in,” she said. “Maybe I should release a single about buying some furniture next.”

The Silent Twins | Official Trailer

The Silent Twins | Official Trailer

Singles, endorsements, EPs

Elizabeth Rose’s “breakthrough track” Good Life had been a “staple” of Triple J’s playlists for several months by the turn of the year. 

She had earned praise from producer Flume; her second EP, Elizabeth Rose, came out on January 17, 2014; and she was working on her debut album. Intra eventually came out in March 2016.

”I like to be busy, but there’s so much to do right now that it’s scary,” she said at the time. 

Maniscalco wanted to make music from the age of seven, and she adopted the name Elizabeth Rose 10 years later, at 17.

“I want a lot of things. I have a list of big artists I want to collaborate with overseas. Disclosure are number one. I really want to move to London.”

Elizabeth Rose – In 3’s (Official Video) | YouTube channel Elizabeth Maniscalco

But she moved to Brooklyn, New York instead

In September 2022, DJ Mag published a feature on BRUX, a relatively recent project and one of the more recent feathers in Elizabeth Maniscalco’s bow.

Asked how she describes the music she makes as BRUX, however, she struggled. 

“It brings me back to conversations with Uber drivers,” she said, “where they’d ask, ‘So what do you do?’ and I’d say, ‘Music,’ and then they’d ask, ‘Well, what kind of music?’ I’m like, “Um… electronic?’” 

“I don’t know if I should try not to label it, or confine it, because I really do like to switch it up with every release – I’m always drawn to gritty, commanding, noisy music, though.”

Find Elizabeth Maniscalco on YouTube as BRUX Music

Elizabeth Rose’s debut LP Intra came out in 2016, and “didn’t go as well as I’d hoped,” she told DJ Mag in September.

“I left my management, label, booking agent… I was completely disconnected, and it was a very stressful time.”

BRUX – Covet | YouTube channel BRUX Music

She moved to Brooklyn, New York in January 2021, eight years after she first became enamoured with the city.

“I think I’m drawn to the energy and the chaos and the rawness here. … I feel like I have a fire under me – I want to make the most of my time here and really be heard and seen, and I feel like the music that I’m writing now has that energy and urgency, getting my point across and being direct – really making a noise.”

The music she’s been making under her BRUX pseudonym is available via her BRUX Music YouTube channel here.

Note: Some outlets appear to have conflated the identities of Elizabeth Maniscalco/Rose and Firerose (real name: Johanna Rosie Hodges), Billy Ray Cyrus’ rumored fiancée. They are not the same person, despite both being Australian-born musicians.

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