Did fans just spot M Huncho’s face? British rapper M Huncho, from North London, has kept his face a secret for the duration of his life in the limelight, choosing to wear a full mask whenever making a public appearance.

What fans have wanted since ‘Mad About Bars’ online freestyle

M Huncho first came to notice for his music in 2017, when he performed a “Mad About Bars” online freestyle. Soon after that, he released an EP, “Get Out”. Another followed in 2018. 

In 2020, M Huncho has broadened his network, collaborating with artists Dutchavelli, Unknown T, Headie One and Nafe Smallz, among others.

M Huncho has not revealed his identity to the public. The secretive London rapper is known for concealing his appearance by wearing a mask at all times. This includes in behind-the-scenes footage of him working in the studio, with his producers.

A flurry of social media posts in July 2020 suggested that M Huncho’s face was no longer a secret. A tweet went viral after fans allegedly spotted the rapper without his mask.

And just today, 14 January, an anonymous poster claimed to have caught M Huncho’s face on video. The rapper has not commented on this yet, so we can neither confirm nor deny whether that is actually the face reveal fans have been waiting for.

Fans hungry for M Huncho face reveal

Fans have been looking forward to M Huncho’s face reveal for some time now, with some likening the event to the face revelations of other masked public figures.

Others have speculated about the difficulty the rapper must have when passing through face recognition barriers, such as e-passport gates.

Has he set his phone up to do Face ID? 

In the context of the covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns, M Huncho’s masked persona has taken on a new significance. Naturally, Twitter has noticed this, and responded in kind.

Why does M Huncho wear a mask?

In an interview with The Hip Hop Guru in April 2019, M Huncho explained his reasons for wearing a mask. What was the move behind it?

“I like my privacy. That’s it. I don’t care about none of this stuff that comes along with what I’m doing. … I don’t care about no ends. … I got a family. … I’m in this to maintain, and do bigger things.”

M Huncho stressed that it’s important for musicians and producers of his generation to help to cultivate the talent and potential of the younger generation. “You see what’s going on on the roads … Everyone does,” he added. 

However, he doesn’t believe that his persona changes when he puts on the mask, as one might expect of other masked public figures. For wrestlers, for example, the mask brings with it a whole character.

“I’m the same person with it on, with it off. Simple.”

Who else wears a mask?

Other rappers who have chosen to conceal their identities include MF DOOM, Leikeli47 and SL. DOOM “set the bar for anonymity in the music industry”, and his influence is palpable, not least for its effect on M Huncho. 

Leikeli47 is a Brooklyn artist who has fastidiously concealed her face, and left almost no paper trail. In an interview with Vibe, she talked about her reasons for wearing a mask. She said: “The mask, it represents freedom. I’m free with it on.”

SL is just 19 and wears a ski mask in order to hide his face. He emerged onto the scene in 2018 and wears a mask for self-protection as much as for a feeling of liberation.

Outside of music, too, there are those who wish to keep their faces hidden. Corpse Husband, for example, is a popular true horror YouTube storyteller whose identity is still unknown.

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