Who are Lizzo’s parents? The singer hit the news today after giving her mum a very special Christmas gift – a brand new car! We take a closer look at this gift and find out more about Lizzo’s parents.

Lizzo gifts mum bow-topped Audi

Yesterday, Lizzo posted a video on her Instagram showing her surprising her mum with a black Audi for Christmas. The car was complete with a cute little red bow on the bonnet.

Her mom is heard saying “You see these things on television and you never expect them to happen to you.”

Lizzo also writes that because her dad is no longer with her she can’t spoil him, so she spoils her mum instead.

Who are Lizzo’s parents?

Lizzo’s mum is called Shari Johnson-Jefferson. She is a big supporter of her daughter and often tours with the singer, alongside her other daughter, Vanessa.

The pair even served up Lizzo’s favourite snacks on a food truck. During an interview at the food truck, Johnson-Jefferson said she’s asked Lizzo to teach her how to twerk but that the singer refused!

Lizzo’s real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson. She is the youngest of three siblings. Lizzo and her parents moved to the suburbs of Houston from Detroit when the singer was ten.

Lizzo was studying classical flute at the University of Houston when her father, Michael Jefferson, passed away in 2009.

Lizzo previously revealed that after her father’s death she was sleeping on couches. She has stated:

“I didn’t have a purpose, like I didn’t feel like I had a purpose for being a musician or anything.”

After a while she felt guilty for staying with other people, so she slept in her car. This was a big motivation for getting her mum a brand new car this Christmas.

We wish the Jefferson family a very merry Christmas this year.

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