Lanie Gardner’s age and bio: The young singer has been taking YouTube and TikTok by storm, with her latest cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams going viral with music lovers on the platforms.

Why is Lanie trending today?

With over 194K followers on YouTube it’s plain to see Lanie Gardner is not shy of fans.

Her recent work includes a techno remake of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Dreams, on which she collaborated with David Guetta and Morten. A video of Lanie singing this from what looks like her room, wearing a comfy outfit, has gone viral, seeing the singer trending across social media today.

If you want to support the young artist, the song is available in full on various apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes store, Deezer, Amazon music and Tidal.

What is Lanie Gardner’s age?

Lanie Gardner was born on 18 July 1999, making her 21 years old (22 this summer).

She initially gained fame through TikTok, where the posted dance, lip-synching and song cover videos, among other types of content. Within a year, her following grew exponentially and her life changed from posting on TikTok to working with big time producers.

Lanie was signed by the Jonas Brothers’ label, Jonas Entertainment Group after her cover of Dreams was released and received over 10 million views. According to wgac, “Papa Jonas showed the video to Joe, Nick & Kevin, who were also impressed – so much so that they offered Lanie a slot on their client list!”

Dreams really do come true!

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