Jack Harlow's crush on Doja Cat is Twitter's favourite thing today

Eve Edwards June 30, 2021
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Whether you tuned in to the BET 2021 awards or didn’t, it’s likely that you’ve come across that picture of Jack Harlow and Saweetie crossing paths and locking eyes.

Immediately, fans started ‘shipping’ Saweetie and Jack, convinced of their romantic attraction. However, fans of Jack Harlow’s might recall he had another rapper in his sights before Saweetie: Doja Cat.

Jack Harlow’s crush on the Angeleno rapper is well-known and well-documented. Over a year after their interaction on Instagram Live and fans of the musicians are still hoping the two will end up together.

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Jack Harlow talks Doja Cat crush on Instagram Live

Last year, Jack Harlow publicly admitted he had a crush on Doja Cat on an Instagram Live video. The rappers united on the Live, despite not knowing one another.

When Jack let Doja into the Live video, she asked: “You know who I am?” Jack Harlow then proceeds to tell her: “People thought we were dating because your man apparently looks like me.”

Jack and Doja have a back and forth, which includes each of them saying “you’re great,” with Jack adding that he’s “happy you’re in here.”

When Doja Cat has to go, Jack Harlow ends the chat saying “love you” to the “Say So” singer. To no response. This has since become known as the moment Jack Harlow ‘shoot his shot’ with Doja Cat.

After Doja had gone from the call, Jack Harlow admitted to his fans: “Oh man, I’ve got a crush on her for months (sic).”

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Twitter fans still ‘ship’ Jack and Doja

Like all successful fanbases, there are a subsection who dedicate their time to ‘shipping’ romantic relationships between their favourites.

This is just the case with Jack Harlow and Doja Cat.

Since the photo with Saweetie at the BET Awards went viral, Jack Harlow’s fans have been revisiting the crush Jack had on Doja.

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What followed then was a stream of tweets about Jack Harlow and Doja Cat being a “perfect couple.”

One fan tweeted: “When is the doja cat and jack harlow relationship happening”

Even before the BET 2021 picture of Jack Harlow went viral, fans were still thinking about the Doja Cat Instagram Live.

It seems like the fanbase won’t let go of the idea of Jack and Doja as a couple!

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