Is Luke Combs a Trump supporter? Better Together musician's political beliefs revealed

Jane Corscadden November 12, 2020
Is Luke Combs a Trump supporter? Better Together musician's political beliefs revealed
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Is Luke Combs a Trump supporter? The country musician is enjoying a hugely successful year, with a dazzling Billboard Awards appearance last week and a much-anticipated performance at tonight’s CMT Music Awards.

But, with the presidential elections looming and rumours of a conservative streak in country music, fans are wondering about Luke Combs’ political leanings.

Is Luke Combs a Trump supporter?

In short, no. Luke Combs is not a Trump supporter.

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Although no definitive statement can be found about Combs’ political affiliation, many of the stances he has taken recently point towards his political support lying elsewhere.

For example, instead of playing at President Trump’s famous Fourth of July White House concert, Luke Combs opted to play at PBS’ annual A Capitol Fourth event, held at the same time as the White House gathering.

Similarly, Luke Combs has come out in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that found a resurgence earlier this year following the death of George Floyd.

President Trump has been outspoken in his support of law enforcement suppressing the BLM protests.

Luke Combs, however, joined many others in supporting the movement through #BlackOutTuesday on 2nd June.

This event was organised on social media and marked a day of online silence in support of BLM.

Luke Combs’ caption on his Instagram post reads: “Listening, learning, and understanding.”

Does country music go hand in hand with Republican beliefs?

For many, country music is viewed alongside a particular stereotypical image that includes cowboy boots and hats, big belt buckles, and staunch Republican views.

In 2004, a Gallup poll found that 60% of country music fans were planning on voting Republican in that year’s presidential election.

In 2003, The Dixie Chicks famously faced a huge amount of backlash over their criticism of President George Bush and his decision to go to war in Iraq. This shows just how entwined country music and its fans were with Republican politics.

However, things have come a long way since then. The country music scene has become more diverse, and with that increase in diversity comes a bigger range of political opinions.

Kacey Musgraves, for example, has been vocal in her opposition to President Trump.

In 2018, country star Taylor Swift broke her political silence on Instagram, urging her followers to think carefully about their voting decisions.

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