Is Bad Bunny canceled? Fan phone controversy explained

Danny Munro January 3, 2023
Is Bad Bunny canceled? Fan phone controversy explained
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Bad Bunny has been ‘canceled’ by some social media users after controversy arose around video footage that appeared to show the star knocking a fan’s phone from their hand.

2022 was something of a record-breaking year for Bad Bunny, with the Puerto Rican said to have grossed more than $430 million on his aptly named World’s Hottest Tour.

The trap and reggaeton star also cleaned up at the American Music Awards, having led the nominations list with no less than eight nods in a crowded field including the likes of Drake and Harry Styles.

But 2023 appears to have started on a rather sour note for the 28-year-old after video footage appeared to show Bad Bunny, real name Benito Ocasio, reacting to a fan who had approached him on the street.

What did Bad Bunny do to get ‘canceled’?

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In footage uploaded to Twitter by Dominican Republic-based journalist Felix Victorino, Ocasio appeared to be walking down a rather crowded street as part of a group of what we can assume is his staff and/or friends.

Ocasio looks to be receiving a great deal of attention from several onlookers, one of whom appears to come rather close to the singer and looks to be attempting to take a selfie with him.

Ocasio then appears to react rather to the fan, grab the phone, before throwing it out of sight beyond a hedge several meters away.

The singer looks unphased by the alleged incident and continues to walk down the street before calmly addressing the crowd of fans.

Bad Bunny responds to fan phone controversy

And Ocasio appears to have confirmed the reports of the phone controversy, having taken to Twitter to address the video.

The Neverita singer remained defiant about the incident, writing: “The person who approaches me to greet me, to tell me something, or just to know me, will always receive my attention and respect.”

“Those who come to put a phone in my face will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect and likewise I will treat it.”

The singer capped off the statement with the hashtag #SINCOJONESMETIENE, which, according to Billboard, translates loosely to “I don’t give a damn”, suggesting Ocasio was feeling less than apologetic about the incident.

‘Cancelled’ – Fans are split about Bad Bunny phone controversy

Of course, fans on Twitter are rather split about the Bad Bunny phone controversy.

Some users came leaped to Bad Bunny’s defense, with one fan arguing that: “People need to stop acting like celebrities are their best friends… you can’t just run up, invade their personal space, and start recording”.

Others maintained that Bad Bunny should be canceled for his actions, as one Twitter user asked: “Bad bunny deserves being canceled. Or will male privilege reign?

Ocasio is yet to respond to either side and, at the time of writing, has not released any further statements on the fan phone controversy.

Some Twitter users draw Dua Lipa comparison

In response to the Bad Bunny ordeal, some Twitter users were quick to draw comparisons to fellow pop star Dua Lipa, due to footage that appears to show her politely declining to take photos with fans while on vacation.

Referring to the video, in which the One Kiss singer tells awaiting fans that she is “not going to be taking any photos because (she’s) out with her family”, one Bad Bunny critic wrote: “Stop justifying Bad Bunny and defending the indefensible.”

“If the man did not want photos or videos with the people who were nearby, he could have asked for it in a good way, just as Dua Lipa did when she was in Rio de Janeiro”

“But the difference is the girl was on him shoving her phone in his face”, argued one fan in Ocasio’s defense, arguing that “I would be tight too”.

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