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How to get invited to Revolve Festival and is it really worth it?

Bruno Cooke April 19, 2022
How to get invited to Revolve Festival and is it really worth it?
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Revolve Festival is an exclusive, invite-only event for influencers and celebrities. This year’s event appears to have extended an unusually long arm, sending last-minute invitations to “micro-influencers”. With that in mind, here’s how to get invited to Revolve Festival, how much tickets cost those who attended, and whether or not it seems like it’s worth it.

How to get invited to Revolve Festival

Revolve’s annual festival is one of the most exclusive events sistered to Coachella. The clothing brand launched the fest in 2015, although for obvious reasons it has been on hold since 2019.

This year’s event took place at the Merv Griffin Estate in La Quinta, California. It’s a stone’s throw from Coachella Festival proper, and offered free drinks made with Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand, plus free food from Californian luxury supermarket Erewhon.

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Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for REVOLVE

Typically, Revolve is ultra-exclusive. However, this year, the festival organisers sent what the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper have called “last-minute invites” to “smaller ‘micro-influencers’” as well.

So, alongside the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney, those with dramatically more modest followings have a chance to attend. Whether or not Revolve will adopt the same policy next year remains unknown. But if you’re desperate to go, the best way seems to be to up your influencer game.

How much were tickets to Revolve Festival 2022?

You might expect an invite-only festival to offer its tickets for free. After all, it’s asking attendees to come, rather than offering the festival to them.

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Think again. The Mail quotes Maria Caballero as saying she had to pay $2,000 for her place on the guest list. 

According to NBC, others had to spend $2,000 on Revolve clothing in order to gain entry.

Finally, per Page Six, some attendees “were forced to stay in FEMA tents” despite paying ticket prices “between $1,200 and $100,000”. It’s not clear who the outlet claims paid $100K for their Revolve ticket, but there you have it.

Is it worth it?

Apparently not, judging by what attendees have said since the festival concluded.

Averie Bishop posted a video of herself on TikTok saying she had been waiting in line for two hours for the buses to Revolve Festival.

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The Northman | Red Band Trailer

The Northman | Red Band Trailer

“There was pushing, shoving, shouting, yanking in front of the buses, people standing in-between the buses, like, while they were moving,” Bishop explained. “Just to get on these buses and get to the Revolve Festival.”

Revolve has since addressed accusations that compared it to Fyre Festival, which took place in 2017.

“We sincerely apologise to all the guests who were impacted,” the Entertainment Online quotes a Revolve representative as saying. “We always strive to provide a great experience and we promise to do better.”

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