How to find your On Repeat playlist on Spotify

Amber Peake November 21, 2022
How to find your On Repeat playlist on Spotify
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Here’s how to find your On Repeat playlist on Spotify as the personalized selection takes over social media once again.

It’s getting to that time of year again when we look back on our music listening of the year thanks to Spotify Wrapped, although as the festive period approaches, a past feature of the music streamer seems to have made a comeback on social media.

The On Repeat playlist has had a resurgence this week as some have dared their followers to share their current most played tracks as stated by the tailored selection made by Spotify.

While it’s nothing new to the streaming platform, for those who haven’t already discovered it, we explain how to find your own On Repeat playlist.

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Twitter users dare others to share their Spotify On Repeat playlists

Spotify’s On Repeat playlist has made a comeback on social media as Twitter users have shared their tailored music mix with their followers.

For those who are not familiar with the feature, it is a personalized playlist that is created by Spotify that compiles all your currently most played songs in one place. Essentially, if there is a track you have played nonstop, it’s probably going to be listed there.

This week the playlist has trended across the micro-blogging platform as users have challenged their followers to share their on-repeat mix of tunes:

How to find your On Repeat playlist on Spotify

If you are yet to discover your own On Repeat playlist not to worry, as it is easily locatable on your Spotify app. There are two ways in which you can find it, by either searching for it or by going on your Made For You Hub. 

Searching for it is the quickest method. To do so, you must tap on the search tab at the bottom of the app and type in ‘on repeat’ in the top bar. The first result to appear will be your On Repeat playlist which should also read “Made For You.”

The alternative is to head to the Made For You Hub, which you can locate on the search tab under the “Browse All” heading. After tapping on its icon, it will lead you to a page that features a series of playlists created by Spotify. The On Repeat playlist should be listed under the Uniquely Yours series of playlists.

The personalized selection was introduced three years ago

The On Repeat playlist is not a new addition to the music streamer, as it has been a feature on the platform since 2019. 

The playlist was announced alongside a second offering, the Repeat Rewind, which includes a mix of some of your past favorite tracks and is available to both premium users and those who use the free edition of the Spotify service.

As explained in the Spotify press release on the new features, the On Repeat playlist keeps a record of your top-played tunes over the past 30 days and also auto-updates to feature any new additions to your mix of fave bops.

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