How to buy Red Hot Chili Peppers' LA Rams vinyl ahead of October release

Eve Edwards October 4, 2022
How to buy Red Hot Chili Peppers' LA Rams vinyl ahead of October release
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Red Hot Chili Peppers surprised their fans earlier this year that they’d be releasing another album, Return of the Dream Canteen, just six months after the release of their last – and of course, you’ll be able to get your hands on a vinyl copy.

The California alt funk rock group are releasing their thirteenth album to date on October 14, 2022, which follows Unlimited Love which released on April 1.

To celebrate the new release, Red Hot Chili Peppers have collaborated with another iconic California group for their upcoming vinyl release.

Let’s take a look at how to get Return of the Dream Canteen on vinyl.

Return of the Dream Canteen vinyl features nod to LA Rams

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Red Hot Chili Peppers are long-standing Rams fans. They even joined the football team for a performance at their home opener during the 2016 season. This was to celebrate the Rams’ first game back in Los Angeles after spending the previous 20 years in St. Louis, California.

The upcoming Return of the Dream Canteen vinyl has been made in collaboration with the Los Angeles Rams. The 2LPs will be printed on the Rams’ signature blue and white colours. The vinyl record’s shrink wrap will also feature a Rams sticker for fans to keep.

But you’ll need to hurry if you want to get your hands on the LA Rams special edition vinyl. There are only 5,000 vinyls stocked for this release.

How to order the new Chili Peppers vinyl

Currently, the only place to secure a copy of the Return of the Dream Canteen x LA Rams vinyl is through the Chili Peppers’ website. It is only available from the official Red Hot Chili Peppers online music store in the United States.

Because of the limited stock of these new vinyls, there are limits on how many one can order. There is a limit of four vinyls per customer. “Orders not conforming to these limitations will be cancelled,” the website explains.

The 2LPs cost $40.98 USD together. You can purchase them here.

Limited edition colour vinyls made available to Spotify top fans

If you’ve been listening to a lot of Unlimited Love this year, then you might be one of the lucky Spotify streamers who can access limited edition colour copies of the upcoming album.

One fan shared a message they received from the band via Spotify:

“Thank you for listening to us on Spotify. To celebrate the upcoming release of our new album Return of the Dream Canteen, on October 14th, we’re offering you exclusive access to a limited edition color vinyl copy of the album, only available to the RHCP top fans on Spotify.”

Given that you can pre-order the LA Rams-inspired vinyl, it is likely that the Spotify top fans colourway is different from the blue and white LPs. As of yet, the colours for the limited edition vinyl has yet to be revealed.

Red Hot Chili Peppers talk about Return of the Dream Canteen

The release of two albums in one year might come as a surprise to Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, albeit a welcome one.

Red Hot Chili Peppers said of the new music: “We went in search of ourselves as the band that we have somehow always been. Just for the fun of it we jammed and learned some old songs. Before long we started the mysterious process of building new songs. A beautiful bit of chemistry meddling that had befriended us hundreds of times along the way. Once we found that slip stream of sound and vision, we just kept mining.

“With time turned into an elastic waist band of oversized underwear, we had no reason to stop writing and rocking. It felt like a dream. When all was said and done, our moody love for each other and the magic of music had gifted us with more songs than we knew what to do with. Well we figured it out. 2 double albums released back to back. The second of which is easily as meaningful as the first or should that be reversed. ‘Return of the Dream Canteen’ is everything we are and ever dreamed of being. It’s packed. Made with the blood of our hearts, yours truly, the Red Hot Chili Peppers”.

Photo By Pau Venteo/Europa Press via Getty Images
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