The meaning of Rosalia's G3 N15 explores harsh realities of pandemic life

Eve Edwards March 20, 2022
The meaning of Rosalia's G3 N15 explores harsh realities of pandemic life
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Rosalia’s highly-anticipated second album, Motomami, is finally here.

The Spanish singer made waves with the release of El Mal Querer, her debut album, back in 2018. In the years since, Rosalia has risen to superstar status around the world thanks to her original style of flamenco-inspired pop meets R&B.

While the majority of the tracks on Motomami continue in this style, Rosalia shows off her versatility on tracks such as G3 N15. Let’s take a look at the emotional ballad which has piqued the listenership’s interest.

Photo By Gustavo Valiente/Europa Press via Getty Images

Translating G3 N15 into English

Rosalia, originally hailing from Catalonia, has non-Spanish speaking fans the world over. While many enjoy the music without understanding the lyrics, listeners often wish for a translation of Rosalia’s songs. For English speakers, you might be curious as to what G3 N15 is about.

The first verse opens with a mournful tone as Rosalia sings: “Will you forgive me for what I’ve missed? It’s two years now. You’re already ten, almost eleven. Were your eye sky blue or aquamarine blue?”

The second verse takes listeners to a darker place: “And I have to be where I don’t want to be, this ain’t “El Mal Querer”, it’s the bad desire. I’m in a place where I wouldn’t take you. No one at peace here between stars and needles. Marble stars cut into the floor. Foilies all over the street where the models stroll by.”

The chorus uses a refrain: “Tracks on the arms, points on the stars. I don’t want to bring you, so you’ll never come.” 

You can read a full translation of G3 N15’s lyrics in English via Genius.

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What is the meaning of G3 N15?

After hearing the translation of G3 N15, some listeners were even more interested in its meaning. “I really want to know the meaning of G3 N15, like it’s definitely the most personal song on Motomami but who is it about? I have so many questions,” one fan tweeted.

G3 N15 hears Rosalia singing about the harsh realities of living through a pandemic to her 10-year-old nephew. The two years she addresses having missed are the years lived apart. Rosalia has been based in Los Angeles, California throughout the pandemic. The singer paints a bleak image of Los Angeles with “stars and needles,” with “models stroll[ing] by.” This is what Rosalia wishes to protect her nephew from: “I’m in a place where I wouldn’t take you.”

The song concludes with an audio clip of an older family member of Rosalia’s – reportedly a voice note sent from her grandmother – explaining the importance of family. Although spelled out as ‘G3 N15’, the title of the song is supposed to read as ‘Genis’ as reported by Rolling Stone.

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The Flight Attendant | Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Sky Max

The Flight Attendant | Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Sky Max

Rosalia fans react to emotional track on Motomami

With the song’s subject matter hitting close to home for many, it comes as no surprise that G3 N15 has left viewers feeling a little worse for wear.

Rosalia fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the song, with some placing it in their favourites list from Motomami.

Check out some of the reactions to G3 N15 on Twitter below:

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